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He also holds the overall #2 place for shots fired, and is in the top 5 for missiles fired, shots hit. He is overall #12 in Experience, 4th among Octavians. He is the current leader among Optimus ranked pilots for Shots/Hour.   
He also holds the overall #2 place for shots fired, and is in the top 5 for missiles fired, shots hit. He is overall #12 in Experience, 4th among Octavians. He is the current leader among Optimus ranked pilots for Shots/Hour.   
Among active pilots, he is #2 for Flux kills, #7 for Experience.
Among active pilots, he is #2 for Flux kills, #6 for Experience, #8 for Missions complete, #9 for duty hours, and #10 for deaths.
=== Awards ===
=== Awards ===

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Razorat Kathonar
Jump Pilot Yes
Callsign RazorsKiss
Active Yes
Squad FluxGuts
Faction Octavius
Birth date 78.06.30 -?
Birthplace Ezrealit, Martius
Occupation Fluxhunter
Typical Ship Dragon
Known for New Dawn CAG, Amananthii Reports, FluxGuts CO


At the age of ten, I watched my father ship off to space to build some of the new "Jumpgates" sprouting up around the galaxy. My mother, a second-generation immigrant from Hyperial, felt out of place in Octavius. It was rough around home for a while. But, Octavians being who they are, the fact that my mother was from the planet that gave our pilots Barraks and Novas was more than enough, over time. We made it ok. His messages home were filled with pride and we treasured the mementos he sent us of the sparkling jewels he and his fellow workers crafted amongst the stars. He returned semi-regularly to meet us at Great Pillars when he got his always too-brief visits with his family. He regaled us with tales of oddity, mystery, and the vast reaches known only to those legends - the Thrice Seven. He was just a systems tech that worked on the final activation phase of the new Jumpgates, but we were so proud of him that we could have walked on air. My father worked in SPACE!

Years passed, and all but a few of the Jumpgates were completed. I remember I was exactly 16 years, 156 standard days old when I saw the vid. I can give you the hour, too, if you want. "Freak accident kills technical staff members on routine jumpgate activation sequence." TRINN brought me the news of my father's death - live and in three-dimensional hologram. I was due to enlist in the Octavian armed forces in 7 standard days. My formal schooling was complete, and my stint as a warrior was about to begin. My father would never see his son fly.

One year later, I received permission from the Martius Academy to visit the site where my Father met his death. My mother, now a Stellar Cartography Assistant, in order to pay the bills my father's nest egg could not provide, and that I could not yet help her with, opted not to join me to pay respects. Her field of expertise was the newly discovered unregulated region, namely the Saron's Shoulder and Pulsar region. Oddly enough - my father died in Saron's Shoulder. Not 30k from my current home[1]. She had enough reminders, I think.

Fast forward two years, if you will. The "Aliens" are the topic of conversation. I told my mother she was crazy for still trying to finish up the survey of Pulsar, with those Aliens shooting everything they found. It was nuts. How could she...

"Son, this data is important - more important than you know. We've had sensors set up in that sector nonstop since well before these "Conflux" arrived. I'm the only one that can retrieve those data canisters intact, and before their scheduled time for retrieval. I have to go."

I felt helpless. In my last year of the academy, so close to eligibility for TRI pilot training I could taste it. OMEGA, UZI, ION... I was itching for one of those uniforms!

Then I see a "breaking news story" on the vid in my workout room. "Scientist Meghal Kathtonar is missing after a trip into the "Pulsar" sector, epicenter of the conflict with the so-called "Conflux" spilling out all over space in recent days. Zhilaa Katdinal, Divisional Chief of the TRI Bureau of Stellar Cartography, said in a press conference today that her escape pod came back empty, for reasons unbeknownst to them at this time. Further bulletins will be...."

I sat down heavily on my practice mat, still sweating heavily from a series of exercises. She couldn't have ... no, she would NOT have done this!

She had put the data canister into the pod , knowing she was seconds away from destruction at the hands of 3 "fighter" class Conflux - now known as "Mantas". The information got back safely. She did not.

So yes, I hate Mantas - and all Conflux. Anything from their filthy alien race must die.

Right after graduation, I joined {ND}Falcon's "New Dawn". It was home immediately. I mastered all the Hunter ranks, and became Fleet Commander, along with my wingmates ZeroZ95 and Havik{ND}. I eventually became the CAG. Those were some of the best times in my life. Fighting the good fight, wreaking vengeance on my mother's killers. Assisting TRI-R, leading the War.

Something went wrong, though, on a mission to seek out the Thrice Seven. Practically everything after my rescue is fuzzy. I was badly injured - and Aelagi, a mysterious being whose nature is still largely unknown to me, saved my life by partially reconstructing my brain cybernetically. Apparently, her repairs weren't as effective as I'd hoped. Not too long after that, I fought a losing bout with eccentricity - I did things I'd never thought I would do. Then I vanished. Not even I know where I went, or what I was doing. LupinOne continued the War in my absence - right up until the Catastrophe. I wish I had been there. I should have been there. I don't know what came over me.

You may have wondered where I've been for the past 13 years, leaving my War with the Conflux like I have. I've wondered the same myself. I wish I had an answer for you. I just don't know. I will find out who is responsible, though - you can be sure of that. That someone will pay - right along with the Conflux.

Pilot Page Bio

Current home station: Klatches Hold

Known Affiliations: FluxGuts, Last Parsec, ION , SOUL, New Dawn (Fleet Commander, CAG), TRI-R, Amananth partisan

Known Enemies: Conflux, Conflux Sympathizers, Pirates, TEC

I hate Mantas. They're always in jerkmode.

Pilot Historical Involvement

Pre-Catastrophe Squad Involvement

RazorsKiss was involved in the initial phases of what New Dawn called The Conflux War. As all New Dawn pilots must, he rose through the ranks through ability. Squad rankings were based, in non-command positions, on which Conflux you had confirmed kills of. Other positions, from Specialist and above, were Command Staff appointments. RazorsKiss was the second Fleet Commander appointed, following Kelvar. Falcon, the squad CO, later appointed RazorsKiss the CAG, the position he held until leaving New Dawn in 104. Upon leaving New Dawn, he founded a squad named SOUL - a short-lived religious order. Upon disbanding that squad, he joined ION, where he rose to Commander, a mid-level rank, which he held until his disappearance, which lasted until 117.9.

Post-Catastrophe Squad Involvement

Upon reactivation, RazorsKiss remained unsquadded until late 117.10, when he founded squad FluxGuts, where he remains.

Involvement in Notable Pre-Catastrophe Events

RazorsKiss began his career as an Octavian pilot between the 5th and 6th Aftershocks, shortly after the death of his mother, Meghal Kathtonar. He joined New Dawn immediately upon enlistment. After the 7th aftershock, and the infamous TRI recruiting drive, he rejoined the immediately reformed New Dawn, and quickly became the 2nd Fleet Commander. He was involved in very many TRI-R projects, the conspiracy to protect Holly Q'Son before it was revealed that she was one of the Children of Amananth, some ITA actions versus TEC, as well as countless squad and fleet actions versus Drone Conflux, as well as sentients - including the Thrice Seven, and the assimilated Aelsolah.

As a result of information gleaned from a successful hacking attempt at Sol Core, aimed at TEC, RazorsKiss obtained the last known location of a number of the Thrice Seven. From another source, he obtained the specifications for jumpdrive modifications which allowed him to use unstabilized anomalies as jumpgates - imperfectly, at least. During his search for the Thrice Seven through anomaly jumps (to what is now known as Conflux Space), he was ambushed multiple times by Sentient Conflux under the command of a "Great One." He sustained injuries during that encounter, including potentially fatal head trauma.

His damaged ship was recognized by an entity named Aelagi, who, while RazorsKiss was unconscious, used nanotech to replace damaged tissue, and partially heal his injuries. As a result, RazorsKiss now has a variety of cybernetic enhancements. After this encounter, he was again ambushed by Conflux sentients and drones, and his ship was once again damaged during his return jump through the final anomaly, rendering him unconscious, and adrift in space. He was discovered once again in TRI space, and Aelagi flew his craft back to GBS, with coaching from other pilots.[2]

Those cybernetic enhancements, and the hasty battlefield repairs he was subjected to had side effects, however. Firstly, his interface with ship computers caused alterations to those computers - granting them status as sentient entities. Secondly, while the computerized replacements for the damaged areas of his brain functioned, nominally, they had a cumulative effect that led to erratic behavior, to the point of personality changes. Coupled with stress induced by attacks on New Dawn from various pilot squads, he left the squad abruptly, and formed another squad, a quasi-religious order. This was short-lived, however, and he finished his pre-Catastrophe pilot career in the ranks of ION, until his disappearance in 104.4.


The disappearance of RazorsKiss was something of a mystery until recently. Recent conversations between Aelagi, now a member of FluxGuts, and RazorsKiss, have yielded a few answers to those questions. Aelagi, recognizing the increasingly erratic behavior of New Dawn's former CAG, arranged for him to be tranquilized by a mercenary pilot who had done work for RazorsKiss in the past. He was then transported to Amananth, and the original Conflux War Command Center, where a biolab had also been secretly constructed, with RK's own credits, siphoned off by Aelagi. The reconstruction and permanent repairs took far, far longer than planned. Between the unexpected complexity of that work, and the intervening Catastrophe, he was absent, all told, for more than 13 years.

Involvement in Notable Post-Catastrophe Events

Since returning to flight status, RazorsKiss has returned to his former levels of activity. Upon learning that New Dawn was almost entirely inactive, he founded a new squad, with similar goals, named FluxGuts. Around that same time, RK founded Last Parsec, an independent news site focused on pilot news and events. He has since turned over operations to Nuncio, an Octavian noble. Two fluxhunting events have been sponsored by RazorsKiss to date - the first corresponding with the 117 Festival! event, and the second as a memorial for the deceased New Dawn pilot samwise, in early 118. That event was intended to coincide with Sinver's eclipse of samwise's post-catastrophe flux kills totals, as well as RazorsKiss' Optimus ascension - both of which were dedicated to samwise's memory. The daily (and overall) goal for the SMF was to attempt to better RK's flux kill totals, which offered bonus rewards. Carlo Adiar's comments about the aftermath of the SMF resulted in a heated reply from RazorsKiss, as well as a formal rebuttal to Adiar's assessment from FluxGuts.

RazorsKiss authored an updated, FluxGuts-branded Flux Spawn Map when the spawn patterns changed in 118.1, and again in 118.4. RK moved the squad FluxGuts to Hyperial space after a threat assessment from the newly reactivated CWCC on Amananth station indicated that there was a high probability of continued incursions in that area, and to combat the increased drone threat levels in or near Hyperial space. He moved his personal /home beacon to Klatches Hold at that time - the first location outside of GBS or Amananth space to be so set since 102. He recently applied for the unlisted (but presumably still vacant) position of Conflux Expert for the Octavius Ministry of War, vacated by Dr. Calatorius. The response from the Ministry was that there were currently no openings at this time. The squad moved to Solrain space upon accepting the application of a Quantar member.

In an attempt to "wake up" Amananth, RK contacted members of the Brotherhood to deliver a message to Holly Q'Son's protege, Athena ShaiDen, inquiring as to Q'Son's whereabouts. While Brotherhood delivered the message, it was decided that RK would take the lead in the investigation. RK and MadCat, of UMEC fame, found Q'Son's station; but access was denied to all pilots concerned - including ShaiDen. A disappointing and anticlimactic ending to the search.

RK is known for frequently soloing conflux swarms, and has responded to a number of sentient incursions since his return.



RazorsKiss was often a magnet for controversy from his earliest days with New Dawn - especially if you ask pirates. He was heavily involved in the majority of New Dawn's defensive actions against pirate squads from 101-104. He was heavily active on the JOSSH forums as an advocate of non-military pilot rights to free trade and neutrality from factional struggles. As a result, his jaundiced view of factionalist honor guard pilots tended to alienate members of factionalist squads. Most infamous, however, is the policy he instituted in New Dawn's defense wing concerning responses to piracy. When a piratical squad was moved to "Hostile", all New Dawn members were encouraged to track the movements of any member of that squad, to facilitate the tactic known as "tubecamping" - especially en masse. This tactic, he argued, was legitimate due to the nature of the enemy. Piratical elements (most of whom, he argued were formerly members of "respectable" squads - and later returned to those respectable squads once they had had their fun) clearly weren't worried about honorable combat, since they preyed on New Dawn's supply ships, newer pilots, Fluxhunters geared for Conflux suppression, and either practiced extortion with the threat of destruction, or simply shot that pilot down. As such, any claims to the necessity of an "honor code", such as existed between opposing military squads were clearly specious. Pilots from PoD, Synergy, and a variety of other, smaller piratical squads were vociferous in their insistence that such tactics were cowardly. RK's typical response was that "thieves, extortionists and vandals were hardly the ones to be protesting in favor of honorable conduct" - especially given the "streams of invective" that typically accompanied the communications from members of such squads.

It has been rumored that the persistent animus from members (and former members) of those squads are what led to RK's departure from New Dawn (to draw fire away from New Dawn) and subsequent concentration on more militant pursuits toward the close of his pre-Catastrophe pilot tour. The departure of RazorsKiss, along with Havik's subsequent absence, did seem to reduce the subsequent targeting of New Dawn as a pirate target - though the decline in pirate squads around the same time is likely the larger factor. Recent comments from RK seem to have confirmed those rumors, at least partially.

RazorsKiss publicly condemned the factional governments for dragging their feet in the construction of a Conflux Biomass CP, arguing that this legitimized the use and continued popularity of the Burglar. He went as far as to say that he decried the use of the Burglar on any target - including unmanned ones.

RK was involved in a shooting incident on 118.5.03 with Huzzah, a Solrain with pirate registry, when he confronted the pirate over his recent piratical actions in and around Main Gate - as well as Huzzah's repeated threats to collect the TRI bounty posted on 118.4.20. The events surrounding that shooting incident implicated squad BlackRebelsMC in scouting for Huzzah, a known pirate.


TEC, from reports at the time, was extremely interested in obtaining a live specimen of the Children of Amananth. Due to RK's pledge to Amananth[3], as well as the identity of (perhaps) the most famous member of those Children, Holly Q'Son, he found himself squarely in the middle of a "Shadow" war between TEC and the ITA. While never formally inducted into the ITA, he often provided clandestine support for agents, especially when it involved Amananth, or Dr. Q'Son. The result of one of those support operations resulted in New Dawn's Section 4 obtaining information concerning the last known whereabouts of the Thrice Seven. Both just prior to, and immediately after his return, there were multiple incidents involving attempted assassination of RazorsKiss - all involving known TEC agents.

Dissatisfaction with TRI, Governmental Agencies

Part of New Dawn's charter read that they fully support TRI. While that was squad policy, New Dawn's Section 4 didn't always follow squad policy. During the TEC/ITA shadow war, several pilots temporarily left the squad to perform covert operations - including RazorsKiss. These operations helped expose several TEC plots within TRI. The information gleaned was primarily funneled to other squads for dissemination - especially White*Star and Eternal Legacy. RazorsKiss was also quite vocal in his opposition to Prefect Versalus' tactics and activities.

Since his return to flight status in 117, RazorsKiss has been vocal about his dissatisfaction with the factional government triumvirate over their handling of Conflux incursions. He has been vehement in his criticism of TRI Corp's policy decisions - and especially contemptuous of the current Assistant Director of Conflux Studies, Carlo Adiar. RazorsKiss publicly demanded a retraction[4] of public comments made by Adiar[5] concerning the Samwise Memorial Fluxhunt, which he felt impugned the honor of samwise - and threatened a challenge to a duel if his demands were not met. TRI issued a retraction in Adiar's name, and Adiar has refrained from public comment for a number of months since that time. RazorsKiss has also criticized the handling of the Antiflux shortage - at length.

On 118.4.17, RazorsKiss downed an unmanned TRI-Corp tow, TRI-TRAN-1, which had been broadcasting universal maydays since the previous day. Earlier on 118.4.17, TRI Corp had offered a reward for the return of the ship, with cargo intact, with a much smaller reward for information of its whereabouts. Pilot Skippy, formerly of FluxGuts, but recently moved to squad Warehouse 13, was busily emptying the tow of its cargo when RazorsKiss came on duty, at approximately noon, UTC. When a TRI-SEC ship was spotted in the area, Skippy abandoned his work, but not before informing RazorsKiss of the sector the tow could be found, being aware of RazorsKiss' desire to whittle down the Enforcer fleet. Upon arrival, after a search, RazorsKiss decided to let a conflux do the finding for him. On leaving and re-entering the sector, he followed the Manta to TRI-TRAN-1, then destroyed the conflux. On his way out to the vessel, he noticed that another conflux had spawned - but was after another vessel. On the hunch that this was the Enforcer, he destroyed the tow in an attempt to bait the Enforcer into action. Unfortunately for his plans, he shortly thereafter viewed the later conflux vectoring toward him, thus negating the principal purpose of the tow's destruction. Initially, TRI-Corp believed the tow was destroyed by storm or Conflux activity. RazorsKiss promptly took credit for the tow's demise. TRI Corp called for punitive action against RazorsKiss by the factions, but the factional governments refused, with Solrain maintaining that there was no legal precedent for such an action, given that the incident occurred in unregulated space. TRI-Corp then issued a 30-day, 2 million credit/kill bounty on RazorsKiss - one bounty offered per pilot. Later that same day, UUNN published an interview with RazorsKiss, and the incident was also discussed on Last Parsec.

TRI-TRAN-1 was carrying a DSS from the CCC, which was said to contain valuable conflux data. RazorsKiss responded that while the loss of 25 Antiflux was a shame, he lauded that data's destruction, reminding his fellow pilots that the CCC was a TEC-sponsored project - and that TEC had used that data in human-conflux DNA recombination experimentation.

Notable Statistics

He currently holds the overall #2 place on the Post-Catastrophe flux kills rankings. He is currently the highest ranked Octavian pilot on that list.

He also holds the overall #2 place for shots fired, and is in the top 5 for missiles fired, shots hit. He is overall #12 in Experience, 4th among Octavians. He is the current leader among Optimus ranked pilots for Shots/Hour.

Among active pilots, he is #2 for Flux kills, #6 for Experience, #8 for Missions complete, #9 for duty hours, and #10 for deaths.


Pre-Catastrophe, RazorsKiss has been awarded Octavian Optimus, received the USIV, Traveler's Choice, Test Pilot Service Medal, 4 Keval's Thanks, 3 Samon's Legacy, and 3 Tache's Crest medals. He amassed 152 pilots kills.

Post-Catastrophe, RazorsKiss has been awarded Octavian Optimus, received the USIV, Seeker of Knowledge, and 2 Echoes of Hope medals.


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