Porcius Versalus

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Porcius Versalus
Jump Pilot Yes
Callsign P_Versalus
Active No
Faction Octavius
Birth date 068.4.10 – ?
Birthplace (?), Tyhrren, Ares Prime
Occupation Octavius Prefect
Notable for: Associated with Dayalu's Murder

Joint Military Liason to TRI

A member of the very wealthy and prestigious Versalus family from Ares Prime, Porcius[1][2] inherited the title “Prefect” from his family who governed the Tyhrren Province for hundreds of years — but he never governed there, opting instead to become a jump-pilot. He joined the military and had a number of positions assigned to him based on his family influence, including His Imperial Majesties' Joint Military Liaison to TRI.[3][4] He is a graduate of the Imperial Military Academy at Cina, and his last known rank was General of the Legion.[5]

In 103, his name became associated with the murder of Dayalu — one of the few identified members of the Children of Amananth — but he was never prosecuted and his complicity was never proven. Unnamed sources in Quantar internal security service indicated that the investigation of Brother Io's death was focused on dealings with elements of the Octavian government - clearly implicating Versalus, as well[6]. A supposed record of a final conversation between Ionus and Versalus can be found in the underbelly of the Databank, but it remains unconfirmed. This conversation also mentions someone called "Discord", who is not referenced in any other official source.[7]

Versalus resigned his position in the Ministry of War in 105. His current status is unknown.
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