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Aurelius Versalus
Jump Pilot Yes
Callsign Nuncio
Active Yes
Squad Last Parsec
Faction Octavius
Birth date 96.10.21 -?
Birthplace Trivera, Ares Prime
Occupation Reporter
Known for Last Parsec, being a n00b, interviews


Nuncio is the third son of a second son of the Verselus Family of Ares Prime - notable more for the age of their line and for the sector named after an ancestor (Verselus' Hook) than for their wealth or privilege. Nuncio, as a poor relation, thought his prospects among the stars were much better than they were dirtside. When Pilot RazorsKiss offered a position with Last Parsec in exchange for full payment of his college debt to the Collegium Bellum, he signed on as a jump-pilot immediately. He is currently the editor and head reporter at Last Parsec[1], and managing editor of the LP DataCenter - which you're currently reading!

Pilot Page Bio[edit]

Hi, I'm Aurelius "Nuncio" ; Verselus. Don't let the name fool you. I'm the third son of a second son. I' m nobody important. I'm an Octavian from Ares Prime, and I've always wanted to be a reporter. My family didn't think that was a suitable occupation - but once you enlist, they can't tell you what to do anymore! Hah![2]