New Dawn

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New Dawn
Factional Makeup Multifactional
Headquarters Amananth
Date Founded 99.11
Founder Falcon
Squad Type FluxHunters
Notable For: The longest-standing (and first established) FluxHunter squad in TRI History.


Squad Description (Pre-Catastrophe)[edit]

Join New Dawn today, and Defend the Barrier!

New Dawn accepts pilots from any faction who want to help rid our space from the alien menace known as The Conflux. Keep in mind if you wish to fight online players, this squad may not be for you as we do not normally engage in PvP.

We are Conflux Hunters! We as New Dawn find "The Flux" to be a threat to all who fly the space lanes, and an obstacle to the TRI efforts to rebuild our galaxy! We are there to help those who can`t defend themselves against such threats, to keep the spacelanes clear, and to show all conflux we own this galaxy!

If you are tired of having the Conflux threaten your home, your world, your faction, or your business, then join New Dawn now and become part of a dedicated, well organized team that will overcome anything the Conflux throw at us. If you feel you dont have the skill, don`t worry, we will teach you! We literally wrote the book on fighting The Conflux! If the flux threat increases, we adapt.

Political Status & NAP`s 2010.3.13.10:11.44 For Official NAP Listings please see our hyperweb site located at New Dawn is peaceful with all factions, pilots, and squads as a matter of course.

New Dawn doesn`t seek to PvP as the One True Enemy is the Conflux, and as such is our focus.

If attacked, New Dawn will defend itself with extreme prejudice, regardless of location, faction, rank, or affiliation.

How to Join New Dawn 2010.3.13.10:11.44 New Dawn is the Home of the most experienced and deadly Conflux Fighters in all of TRI, period. If you enjoy hunting down and eliminating the Conflux, then New Dawn is for you!

We ask all potential recruits to register an account with our Headquarters hyperweb site at

All potential recruits must read our Code of Conduct, located in the Database Section of our site, and, once read and agreed with, "sign" it by posting their callsign in the Access Request Forum, in the sticky thread "Code of Conduct".

Once done with that, apply here with JOSSH. It`s that simple!

Often imitated, never replicated. We are the Defenders of the Barrier. We are a fire that burns against the cold, the light that brings the New Dawn, the shield that guards the space of TRI.


New Dawn began as an Octavian squad, and was part of The Ripstar Alliance. It became multifactional when DeathGiver (New Dawn's original commander) became enamored of the Quantar Gust. When the wars with Cruentius Legio commenced, New Dawn fought against CL as part of a greater alliance, centered on Quantar and Solrain opposition to CL. They were also members of the Hyperion Alliance, as well as squad TRA, when the member squads consolidated.

When the Conflux began to appear, Falcon steered New Dawn towards full time flux hunting. Shortly afterwards (between the 5th and 6th Aftershocks), he recalled a number of pilots with previous New Dawn flight experience, and with that cadre, formed the New Dawn composed of dedicated fluxhunters we know today. New Dawn was plagued by piratical activity for the first 5 years of its active life. The Dark Path, PoGBS, DEATH, PoD, and Synergy were among the squads which New Dawn opposed. Prior to the discovery of Conflux Space, most heavy Flux Hunting operations were conducted in unregulated space - and New Dawn, once it became a dedicated fluxhunter squad, chose GBS as its base of operations. As such, there were frequent periods of clashes, due to GBS' simultaneous popularity as a pirate base.

With the increasing importance of Amananth to the Conflux War, New Dawn members spent more and more time in Amananth space, while retaining GBS as their home station. As the squad forged closer ties with Holly Q'Son's TRI-R/CSD, they were enmeshed in the incipient ITA/TEC conflict. With the Conflux Invasion imminent, New Dawn determined to move their headquarters to Amananth space, and constructed multiple stations in the vicinity. The most famous of these became known as Swarmbusters - ND HQ.

Upon Falcon's retirement, and RazorsKiss' departure to ION, command fell to LupinOne, with the blessing of both former commanders. LupinOne led New Dawn until the Catastrophe, and into the present day.