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The basic history for our current 5-faction polity may be found at Soldarian Storm[1], or JSR.[2][3]

Recent research has yielded links to the pre-Catastrophe JOSSH archives. You may find those archives for the following 3 categories here: TRI/Economy, Sector, Squad/Pilot.

Additional information may be found in JSR's Planet Jumpgate Memories Archive.

The citizens of Solrain, Octavius, Quantar, and Hyperial (along with the enigmatic Amananth Station, orbiting the equally mysterious planet AM I) are currently in year 118 AT[4], and have weathered a variety of Aftershocks and a Catastrophe since the initial, cataclysmic Great Collapse.
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  3. The current canonical status of 2 of the 3 sections of the original, standard historical introduction (taken from the original JOSSH bibliographical data) just cited is unclear - follow the hyperlink for "Great Collapse" later in the section for what is known to be canonical, and for details of the known changes in the JGT storyline.
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