Carlo Adiar

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Carlo Adiar
Title Asst. Director of Conflux Studies (TRI-R/CSD)
Jump Pilot No
Faction Octavius
Birth date 062.3.10-?
Birthplace Unknown
Home Ares Prime, Octavius
Employer TRI Corporation, Research Division
Education MS, Xenobiology, ?

MA, Business Administration, ?

Occupation Conflux Researcher
Notable For: Conflux Symposium, Abrasiveness

Carlo Adiar became the Asst. Director of Conflux Studies on 112.12.28. The post had been vacant since Dr. Aulus Calatorius left on 104.10.25. Adiar has a dual masters in Xenobiology and Business Administration.

Adiar was also one of the participants in the Conflux Symposium held in 114.8, where he penned a dissenting opinion on a number of the published findings.


Other References[edit]

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