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~Excerpt, New Dawn Command Staff – Personal log – RazorsKiss – 102.6.15~

Recent events have turned my life into one of introspection. The theories about the Conflux swirl in my head like a windstorm in Saron’s Shoulder.

Aeolsah, assimilated. GrimFalcon, touched by alien consciousness. The sector that was supposed to mean the death of us all, by some interpretations of Grim’s prophecy, has yielded us the Phocaena, the most dangerous Flux to date.

As one of New Dawn’s diplomats, my thoughts also turn to solutions to the problem – questions on who to ask for more info on the threats we face. For some reason, I immediately discount TRI. Their response to flux threats is adequately only with our intervention. I sincerely believe their level of understanding is directly linked to the data that we give them on the Conflux. They don’t know more then we do, that much is certain.

The Sentients prowl Amananth almost without fear, seemingly unafraid of the large fleets that gather there for every one of their attacks. I wonder if they truly know what it is we fight for, at times. And what it is they want.

They work better in groups, better as a unified whole – when we split them up, they begin to lose cohesion, and as they are singled out, their confidence and tactical strength wanes. I still wonder if they are a collective consciousness.

What to do? The war is no closer to a victory than it was when it began, notwithstanding our constant battles. Our relationship with Amananth is on a fragile foundation, even after our constant battles to defend it, due to the actions of a select group leery of the introverted stance of the mammoth Amananthi construct. We cannot afford division.

A change is in order. Perhaps it’s a long shot, but I have to try. I may have allies within TRI that I can call on to assist us. Only time will tell. But for now, I must do what I can to stem this tide of sentient agression, and form an alliance that will benefit us all.

The Hunter must go on the offensive, as a show of good faith. It may be time to change my hunting grounds.

~Communication Log – 102.6.15~
~Target – Aman_202~
~Comm type – Public, open channel~

Begin transmission.
Aman_202, this is New Dawn Fighter Inseguitore, pilot RazorsKiss of Octavia, bringing you a message.

Not of peace, but of war. Before I continue, I ask that you hear me out. This is not war upon you, but upon the Sentients that invade your space, interfere with your trade endeavors, and seek to disrupt your reputation as neutral trading partner with TRI.

Your aid as a neutral partner in the efforts of The Reconstruction is appreciated, and in return, I offer my services to you – not to defend you from pilots, which I believe you fully capable of, but from the Conflux menacing your portion of the galaxy. I offer my services as a New Dawn Fleet Commander – to you, Amananth. My mission is to defend you, now. We have information we believe points to a high interest in your sectors, and this station itself by the Conflux sentients, and we cannot allow another incident in which a Conflux is allowed to attach itself to you, and learn more of us. That is not acceptable.

I will patrol any and all sectors under your control, and I seek only to diminish the threat we, as New Dawn, see apparent to an equal partner in the Reconstruction.

As a High Hero of Octavius, Vendictor RazorsKiss offers his services on behalf of Octavia, in order to further your relations both with Octavia, and with New Dawn, TRI’s premier Conflux Hunters.

I do not ask for any special treatment. Merely to be allowed to use your station as a base of operations against the menacing Conflux – both for myself, and any others from my squad willing to join me.

Any further mutual information sharing will be discussed upon your agreement with my proposal. We will give you our collective information on Conflux, and bring any other necessary information and commodities you require, Aman_202. Our goal is to further your grip on the Conflux invasion which has troubled you of late. A direct link to our Conflux War Command Center is also negotiable, and in fact, welcomed.

Please reply to TRI comm #nd0006, or via public commsystems.
Eagerly awaiting your reply,

I remain,
Vendictor of Octavius
New Dawn Fleet Commander
Dedicated Conflux Hunter