TRI Tales

The listed stories to follow are collected from various sources, most of which are not currently available in the Sarath V Library. They are an important part of our history, and should not be forgotten. Those originating from Planet Jumpgate have their copyright notices intact, and can be recognized by that means.

A Day in the Life of a Pirate – by Griffo

A Question of Profit – Parts 1-4 – by Fellblade

A Question of Profit – Parts 5-xx – by Fellblade

Conflux Agent Past and Present – by Cydrone

Finding Faith – by Cayti

In The Beginning – by Octane

Message from the Past – by JCSabre

One More Rookie – by Kitsune

Raising the Cerberus – by Excalibur

Re-Birth – by DjAttitude

Right of Passage – by Warspawn

Search for Home – by Mrxknown

The Amananthi Reports by RazorsKiss

The Cult of Roh – by TDurden

The Jim Meran Files by Jim DiGriz (Peter Kuti)

TRI Wanted – by Ger_riff


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