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UUNN Persists With Baffling Antiflux Narrative

(SOLRAIN CORE) With yet another story about an indiscernible danger from a dearth of Antiflux ECM units, UUNN’s reporting seems to have taken on a rather jaundiced hue. All jokes about what, exactly, is unaffiliated OR unregulated about it aside, pilots are simply left scratching their heads over the fantasy ... Read More

Powerplant Puzzle, Bamboozling Beer Business

(GBS) Station Logistics confirms that all size 4 powerplants are missing from the station, as of 16:15 Ekoos. Also missing is every bit of alcoholic product on the station. The Spacebar Pub proprietor Torn Danton was unavailable for comment. Addendum: T. Danton commented: “Lol. Some people don’t understand ‘flagged.'” Apparently, ... Read More