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    LP's DataCenter is collating information from the old HyperWeb, and the newer Subspace net, centralizing it for your convenience.

Powerplant Puzzle, Bamboozling Beer Business

(GBS) Station Logistics confirms that all size 4 powerplants are missing from the station, as of 16:15 Ekoos. Also missing is every bit of alcoholic product on the station. The Spacebar Pub proprietor Torn Danton was unavailable for comment. Addendum: T. Danton commented: “Lol. Some people don’t understand ‘flagged.'” Apparently, ... Read More

hifly3 Completes Amananth FM, Solrain FM Lagging

(HYPERIAL STATION) Amananth honored pilot hifly3 of -=MACK2=- yesterday afternoon, upon the successful completion of the Amananth faction mission. Amananth gave no additional information about the purpose of its mission, other than the fact that the station’s AI had identified a need for Synthetics. The Solrain faction mission, which calls ... Read More