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Samwise Memorial Fluxhunt: Day 2 Scores!

1023 – Sinver (S!) 359 – RazorsKiss (O) 358 – Rail69 (S) 88 – Oberothton (Q) 66 – Ronjata (S) 65 – Nessos (Q!) 47 – Flowbar (S) 23 – Ambrosius (Q) 39 – NODRAGON (S) 12 – noodles (O) 5 – Kenny23 (Q) ! – current factional leader Italics – ... Read More

First Annual Samwise Memorial Fluxhunt

(OCTAVIUS CORE) FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: Alterion RazorsKiss, of squad FluxGuts, announces the First Annual Samwise Memorial Fluxhunt! Pilot samwise, of squad New Dawn, was a wingmate of former New Dawn CAG RazorsKiss, and remains in #2 on the current all-time flux kills leaderboard (post-Catastrophe). He passed away on 116.11.28, but ... Read More

Op-Ed: Preparation, not Panic – Hyperial Spawns and Stuffed Shirts

(Klatches Hold) by RazorsKiss I’m somewhat disappointed by the tone and quote selection of UUNN’s reporting on the spawn changes. Very little of substance is offered, while a variety of unsubstantiated assertions are made. First, the assertion is made (by the author) that “in some instances, the spawn strength has ... Read More