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Pilots Take Advantage of Antiflux Activation

The previous weekend was a busy one, as pilots (even some with recent antipathies!) worked together to ramp up Antiflux production. Forewarned by the commodities requested for the mysterious FM recently requested by Amananth, a great deal of materiale was transferred, utilizing stockpiles of mined commodities which have recently gone ... Read More

Good to see ya! 118.5.3

Seen in space recently; SoraNezumi, Axiomoon, Rebel_526, Avicenna, @Broker01, Kanthakeh, Sinver, RazorsKiss, BigDaddy, Aristotle, Lucid, J_Prime, Harvey, Draconout, dazed, Petra, Tobiko, netuser968, Skippy, Andrasch, Goliath, Nessos, qwert, UtanSkam, Cono, ManicMiner, Drevent, GhostHawk, Inseguitor, Neva, Nimdas, DETSAW, Johnson, Koopmans, geeZee, Columbo, Mercator, Akkit, Huzzah, Mal, Brutio, Kanthakeh, Fulcrum, Nara, BLACKDOGG, Ambrosius

Good ta see ya! – 118.3.11

Seen in space this week; Varizen, Hammer-BS, Ronjata, Rail69, Avicenna, sarah-mari, tamanegi, Tiberius, Oberothton, Nuncio, Nessos,  Kanthakeh, Cor-Marque (of SOL NAVY), Aristotle, J_Prime, @Broker01, Yozho, Nara, MLDeath, Abdul, You,  Paselja, DETSAW, LoganVR, Sinver, MadCat, Maggie, Jess, Harvey, Tarkra, Ambrosius,  RazorsKiss, Stampy, Andusty, Aelagi, MacEmerald, Crusher00, Cono, _RAZAAR_, Fleon,  FS_Paith, Ovrum, Koopmans

News Roundup: 118.2.19

Solrain pilot NODRAGON has called off his bounty on the Triple Optimus seeking Tiberius, who is currently flying for Quantar. He’s up to Paddashi already, so he’s really moving!  Lower priced Antiflux stocks from public POS were moved to TRI or unreg stations by a pilot who will remain nameless, ... Read More

FluxGuts responds to Adiar’s Allegations

On the heels of his controversial demand of last night, FluxGuts CO RazorsKiss has released another statement; this time an official rebuttal dealing with Carlo Adiar’s allegations, and responding to the substance of his remarks, as a TRI-Corp Conflux specialist. Mr Adiar. Whilst insisting, repeatedly, that you are no tactician, ... Read More