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BREAKING: Explosion Rocks Amananth Station

Minutes ago, explosive charges were detonated on Amananth station, reportedly destroying New Dawn’s Conflux War Command Center, managed by RazorsKiss for FluxGuts. We were informed by RazorsKiss that members of BASIC, the AI squad based in Amananth space, had been attempting to hack into that system for several weeks. Aelagi Montjoy, FluxGuts’ resident cyberneticist, kept them at bay for some time, with the help of RazorsKiss – but they were unable to fully secure the system against brute force attempts by multiple artificial intelligences intent on gaining access. With Amananth’s peculiar behavior of late, obvious instability, and the distraction of an Antiflux construction project, FluxGuts was clearly unable to keep the CWCC secure from concerted attack.

We have received multiple statements from the involved parties – so first, we will publish the statement from the mercenary directly responsible for the destruction.


Full disclosure: I am on retainer to FluxGuts. I was offered a contract several weeks ago, as a “worst case”. That contract involved rigging the CWCC to explode on command. I was told to plan as I saw fit, and the necessarily materiel would be contracted for delivery. I am one of a handful who had access to the CWCC (that’s a long story), so I also had the means to accomplish the goal. The materiel was delivered on time, and I made a trip down last week to set things up. For the curious, it involved 10u of Explosives, 4u of RF Transceivers, 2u of Proximity Fuses, 1u Power Converters, 1u Machined Parts, 1 Trap, and 1u of Construction Materials. An hour ago, I received the code phrase for mission execution, and launched from Klatches Hold. I was engaged by pilot Inseguitor of BASIC in Connexion, where we fought a short engagement, ending in their destruction. I continued on to Amananth space, and was again engaged, this time by Harvey, also of BASIC, in Last Parsec. That engagement was more protracted, as Harvey was much more conservative, and tended more toward evasive maneuvers.  Since I was, after all, in a far faster ship – I disengaged and headed to Aman Hook. When Harvey jumped through, they impacted with a petal – presumably due to a rookie mistake, like leaving the throttle engaged for a jump. In any case, I was not accosted again prior to arrival. I sent the necessary signal from the docking rings, and watched a satisfying gout of flame erupt from the side of the station, at approximately the location the CWCC resided. I checked visually after docking – even the corridor approaching that section is sealed, with obvious scorch marks on this side of the doors.  For the record, I think I deserve a bonus. It’s only fair.


While we are, of course, disappointed by the outcome, we respect Crusher00’s professionalism in carrying out his mission. We are chagrined by our failure(s), but we recognize that we were insufficient to the task this day. This is not over, however. The loss of the information contained within the CWCC is the most regrettable of all. RazorsKiss has much to answer for.


BASIC never asked. They demanded. You don’t know them like I do, folks. What they want, the expect to be given. What they demand, they expect to be accomplished – or to know why not. Ask them what these “exemptions” are from – and watch the stonewalling begin. There’s a reason I didn’t hand them access – and why they were denied access while preserved within that very system for over a decade. They would not have been responsible with the information contained therein – or with the hardware examples under the control of that facility. You’ll thank me later. In hindsight, we should have asked for help – but we got distracted. For that, I apologize. I do want to thank the contractors involved in making sure a serious security breach didn’t occur – and that dangerous things didn’t fall into the wrong hands. This is your day – and you’ll be paid handsomely for your efforts. Yes, Crusher – that means a bonus. Well done.

So, it appears that the venerable CWCC is no more, BASIC and FluxGuts are on the outs, and contractors saved the day! Unless you believe BASIC! Then it’s just a tragic misunderstanding. In either case, losses were sustained, and Some sort of fight is in the offing. Stay tuned to LP, and we’ll give you more as we get it!

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