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Pilot Palavers: Sinver

LP: Tell me a little about yourself. 

S: I originally started as a Quant, but after getting to opti I switched to Sol. I flew with some amazing squads but the memorable ones were _KFC_ , DETSAW, Solrain Defence Fleet, and of course, the legend of Vorlon31 in Flux Clearance. My happy memories were just being in a fantastic universe with a lot of pilots, and the “Weekend of War” that happened on occasions. Fun times. I primarily fluxxed and think, all told, (including EU then the merged Worldwide server), amassed approx 63k flux kills.

LP: Quite a colorful career! You’re a highly decorated fluxhunter – but you’re also a dedicated miner – any tips for those of us who haven’t got the knack of it as yet?

S: Decorated but certainly not expert at fluxxing. Fluxxing takes practice, and a decent hud. Don’t use the default it is terrible! I use Vorlons hud, available on JSR! 

Mining just takes patience. Firstly if you want to mine as a dedicated profession, be a Quant. Their mining ships are way ahead of the others. Learn to use JgRotPro, ask us! It is a miners ESSENTIAL tool.

Pure mining is easy too, and good for money. Once in a HM, get yourself a Nubbler radar (50k), make sure you have a Deep Radar fitted to weed out the common roids (they appear brown). Find the 0 0 0 gate, this the gate that appears on your target as you jump in to a sector. Pure asteroids will spawn within 38k of this gate. Find a system, that has little or grouped roids nearby. A pure will usually spawn on its own. Any further advice I am happy to give, see me in space!

LP: Excellent! Thanks for the tips! What do you love about Solrain? Anything you wish you could change about it?

S: I think the capitalist background appealed to me. That and the blue was easier on the eye at the time. After that I got used to the ships and really liked them. They have good cargo and speed, especially if arty hunting. If I wanted to change anything, it would be the silly positioning of the docking tubes at Sol Depot, utter nightmare if you are heavy, even if you have a docking modx! Naturally, more power to the heavy fighter would be nice, but that would just ruin the Dragons uniqueness I suppose ;)

LP:  Great insights! What are your ultimate goals, as a jump pilot? What’s next for you?

S: The trouble with me, and in an open ended situation like this, is I have a terrible attention span. One minute I am focused on fluxxing for the league position, next it is mining, or arty hunting. I am proud to be No.1 in the pure mining league, and intend to stay in the top 3, ideally 2 of the flux league. I’d also really like to find an ab4. Found an ab1 and 3 in my JG life, but the big one eludes me.

LP: You and me both! Is there anything else you’d like to see Last Parsec cover?

S: I think a shoutbox on the page for people to comment in, or say Hi would be cool.

LP: Noted! How about UUNN? Are you happy with their news coverage?

S: I question the UUNN motives sometimes, but do like it when they get all mysterious, makes the game feel more intense.

LP: Anything else you’d like to share with your fellow pilots?

S: I’m here to help if needed. The recent Antiflux resurgence proves this. If there is a cause worth getting involved in, or a pilot just genuinely needs pointers, just to give info, fleet up to kill a swarm, if I am on, shout!

LP: Thanks very much! I appreciate you agreeing to the interview, and we’ll all see you in space!

Bonus OOC content:

LP: Anything else you’d like to tell us about yourself?

S: I am in the south of England, just outside Southampton, in real life working as a trainee Hospital Pharmacy Technician. I began playing in the final beta, after buying my first PC. I was learning Spanish at the time, and the Spanish for “Without shame” is “Sin Verguenza”. For some reason that amused me so I wanted to name my first pilot Sinverguenza, but the character limit prevented it, so I shortened it to Sinver.

Oh, and recently, I discovered thanks to an alt I created, my first EVER Oct, get a Dragon. You will not look back!

LP: If you could change two things about Jumpgate, what would they be?

S: I know I am being a dreamer, but sharper graphics and more players is all I would ask.

LP: If you could keep two things exactly the way they are, what would they be?

S: The multiplayer model that powers the persistent universe is still perfect and an example to games today. I cite Elite Dangerous as an example. Looks nice, supposedly “multiplayer” but awful instanced nonsense. Jumpgate’s persistent universe was ahead of its time and still holds well now.

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