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Pilots Take Advantage of Antiflux Activation

The previous weekend was a busy one, as pilots (even some with recent antipathies!) worked together to ramp up Antiflux production. Forewarned by the commodities requested for the mysterious FM recently requested by Amananth, a great deal of materiale was transferred, utilizing stockpiles of mined commodities which have recently gone unused. Synthetics, Electronics, and RF Transceivers were produced (and used) in unusually high numbers – nearly 1,000 units of each – to support the project.  Large amounts of biomass were collected by pilots Sinver and RazorsKiss from flux space.

Amananth’s recent hexadecimal request for supplies on 118.6.3 was met with enthusiasm, as pilots began to set up production queues at various station facilities. Avicenna, of squad BASIC, was instrumental in maintaining production levels for several key commodities, starting 118.6.4, and continuing through yesterday evening.  There was talk of “exemptions” being offered on behalf of BASIC to those who assisted the project, although it isn’t clear what they are being exempted from, as yet.

Amananth’s “DPDQ” sent another hexadecimal message via f5 on 118.6.8.



Avicenna translated the message and replied, in the same code, acknowledging receipt, and promising to forward the message.



There was no reply from “DPDQ”.

Sinver completed the FM on 118.6.7, with Hammer-BS completing repairs to the CP on 118.6.8. As of publication time, pilots have produced 500 Antiflux ECMs, worth a whopping 1.67 billion credits at current market values. Antiflux prices have dropped only marginally, remaining at abnormally elevated prices, despite the large numbers now extant. Pilots are being encouraged by those producing the items to ship Antiflux out to their factional stations, to avoid any recycling due to market caps.

When contacted for comment, Aristotle of squad BASIC had this to say:

From @FluxGuts, we received this:

Currently, production is on hold by those involved, to avoid market cap issues. Last Parsec will retain a strategic reserve, but is grateful that it is no longer as needed! Stay tuned for further updates!

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