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An Additional Request: The Antiflux Project

I’m committed to making Antiflux available for pilots into the future. Along those lines, I’m here to make a request. FluxGuts has donated 8 of their promised 12 thus far, and I received an additional donation of 4 yesterday. I am accepting any and all Antiflux donations – and any ECM donated will be available, upon request, for 250,000 credits. That’s it.

We’ve received some reliable information about possible (rather large) Antiflux caches to be seen on the public markets in the near future – as a one-time deal.  I would be more than willing to continue storing them on the LP station for everyone’s future use, with controlled access (to preclude profiteering, market dumping, hoarding, or mass splashing), at a controlled price of 250k apiece. The problem with this is, the current pricing of Antiflux is rather steep – 3 million (and change) per item – up from a price of 250k apiece or so, initially. I’ll leave any complaining about the prices to RK – I’m more concerned about ensuring continued availability for any and all pilots. I do not possess the resources to purchase one Antiflux, let alone the dozens I have been led to expect.  I am, of course, amenable to credit donations; for the purpose(s) of added market module(s), as well as the purchase of Antiflux stocks when they become available. I am estimating those costs to add up to roughly 500 million, altogether – by whatever means we choose to meet that need. I’m not asking for that from any individual pilot, but from pilots, collectively. I will, on request, keep track of who contributed what, and am even willing to earmark a certain number of Antiflux for donating pilots, against future needs. Another option is for pilots to pledge to obtain a certain number of Antiflux ECMs when the time comes, and deliver them here to Last Parsec.

I want this to be a spaceborne community project, for a community goal we all share. I’m a public person, with a history – I’m not going to run off with your money, or disappear on you. I am on a mission to keep the spacelanes viable – by providing news, and any other vital services like these I am able. I can provide a neutral site to store such a valuable commodity, and a neutral name to back up their fair distribution.  That’s my pledge. I’m asking for yours. RK has pledged 50 million out of that 500 million toward purchasing Antiflux, as well as delivery of the additional 4 ECMs FluxGuts already promised. How about you?

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