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PRESS RELEASE: Squad FluxGuts Moving Operations

This statement was transmitted to us a short time ago;

To the President and Directorate of Hyperial, Greetings.

This is a formal announcement that Squad FluxGuts will begin the process of moving their primary sphere of operations from Hyperial space, effective immediately. Per your demands for no Quantar members, we are moving our primary base of operations from Hyperial to Solrain space. While we had no Quantar pilots on the roster, we were not in violation of your terms, as dictated – but we do not allow factional governments to dictate our membership rosters. Since we have accepted the application of a Quantar pilot, we will withdraw our HQ status from our FG station immediately. We will, of course, continue to patrol Hyperial space for Conflux, as we did previous to our move.

We will, however, retain a significant presence at Klatches Hold to aid in the suppression of the recent uptick in piratical activity, as well as continuing to monitor the still-elevated spawn levels surrounding the sole chokepoint to Hyperial space. We’re sorry that the historical grievances between Hyperial and Quantar have caused such a breach between your government and ourselves – but we are not interested in a needless conflict with Hyperial by insisting on a titular headquarters when stipulations were made by the government of Hyperial upon what all must agree was a volunteer effort on our part. I trust this statement will find Hyperial’s government understanding of this situation. We’ll still keep up our patrols – and we hold Hyperial in no less esteem than we did previously. We trust that our decision will be greeted with a spirit of amity.


CO, FluxGuts

FluxGuts moved to Hyperial space shortly after the Conflux spawn changes were recognized, on 118.2.7.  In a public response, Dr. Viggio Ragne encouraged other squads to join – as long as they had no Quantar members. It was speculated that FluxGuts received a similar notification about Quantar members from Hyperial, but this statement seems to confirm that such a stipulation was, in fact, made. Also of interest is the statement concerning “suppression of piracy.” Coupled with the recent status change of squad PIRATE to WAR on FluxGuts’ squad page, it seems interesting times are ahead.

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