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Bad Fences Make Bad Neighbors


by RazorsKiss

Let’s present a tactical situation. A known pirate has been talking about collecting your bounty. He himself has an actual 5 million credit bounty, as confirmed by another pilot previously. This pilot is known to be operating at the chokepoint to Hyp space – an area of space you’ve committed to patrolling, and patrol daily.  Two days previously, he PoD’d Axiomoon, and got a writeup on this very site, confirming certain details about his own history with TotalNoob and FluxHuggers. You had also received information, since you are known to despise piracy, that certain other pilots had been seen in that area, unmolested by said pirate. To confirm your suspicions, and the involvement of said parties, you decide to draw out said pirate. This is where our tale begins

I committed to my flux mission, as usual, and headed toward Hyperial space. Upon reaching GVB, I was hailed by pilot Johnson, of squad BlackRebelsMC – seemingly headed to ZR. Noted. When I reach Main Gate, I find Huzzah parked right outside the Cheyenne Mtn Complex POS. He immediately complains about my tags – as if I care. I vector toward him, he continues to complain. Ding his shields up a little on his way in to dock, but no real harm done. Objective 1 accomplished. We wait. He continues to complain, while bleating something about me being the best pirate ever, whatever that is supposed to mean. We continue to wait. Johnson is seen again – this time in Main Gate – says he’s dumping flux, heads to the Lesser Locks gate. I head to GVB, cycle the gate, return, kill the spawn in MG again. Johnson returns almost as soon as I clear the gate, once again “apologizing” for dumping flux. I suppose he’s trying to convince me he’s running missions – but not enough time has elapsed to have done so. He heads to GVB this time. I dock at another POS in sector. I immediately relaunch, and now Johnson has cycled the gate back into MG. I jump into GVB, following Johnson, who has returned to GVB himself, and 30 seconds after I return to MG, there’s Johnson again. So there’s definite confirmation. He’s scouting. He heads to Lesser Locks again. I quickly cycle back to GVB, and back to MG – and there’s Johnson again, vectoring back to GVB. I return to Cheyenne to wait – and just after Johnson cycles through yet again,  Huzzah says “Holy Smokes!” – apparently in frustration that Johnson’s repeated attempts at dumping on me aren’t succeeding. My heart bleeds. Less than a minute later, PinkThing comes on duty – another known pirate. Since I don’t know where they are coming from, I retreat back to the gate. Johnson now shows docked. Upon returning to MG, Huzzah is out. I engage. He immediately launches missiles. I kick in some burner, launch my own, FF around on his tail when he misjudges my angle, and drop him to 40s or so. He burns an FF, I vector obliquely, cutting his chord, ending up on his tail and dropping him to 50a in less than a second. He burns another FF, and flees to GVB. I kick in my second FF, and end up ~4k behind. He heads to KH, flying evasive on AB. I match his vector, and gain slightly due to his evasion, firing occasionally to keep him evading. He heads outspace once in sector, but I keep between him and the station, causing him to abort once he realizes that he’ll get potted trying to dock. He makes an attempt for the pirate station in sector, but is foiled there, too. He heads for the GVB gate, with me firing on occasion, to keep him running. Once he leaves, I return to KH, r/r/r, replenish FFs and missiles, and see what he intends. He asks if I petaled – of course not. I’m not chasing him all day. I do, however, know that he has no credits, and I don’t want him at KH – which was the second point of the exercise. The credits would have been a nice bonus, if I got the kill, but that wasn’t the point. The point was to see who was behind Huzzah’s sudden reappearance of late – and to confirm the identity of that someone.Hmm.

  • Johnson, the squad leader of BlackRebelsMC was actively scouting for Huzzah.
  • PinkThing, now unsquadded, was formerly in the same squad as Huzzah – and his emergence was clearly intended as a threat to draw me off of the station, when Johnson’s repeated dumping was insufficient to the task.
  • geeZee, now of BlackRebelsMC, was formerly in squad PIRATE, which Huzzah is now the sole member of.
  • BLACKDOGG, now of squad BlackRebelsMC, was formerly a member of FluxHuggers – the same squad Huzzah recently claimed to have been a member of as well.

It’s my experience that pirates – especially pirates without sufficient operating capital to continue their operations – have a patron. PinkThing has c90,615. Huzzah has c0. geeZee, newly arrived to BlackRebelsMC, has c272,962. BlackRebelsMC, on the other hand, has nearly 240m credits – practically all of which is in BLACKDOGG’s hands.


The more things change, the more they stay the same.

Johnson was also active when Axiomoon was accosted the other day – and reports from other sources suggest he has been scouting the area around MG for Huzzah. Pilots geeZee, BLACKDOGG and Johnson have all been on duty simultaneously, or in close proximity, to Huzzah the last few days. Clearly, Huzzah’s activities are a front for BlackRebelsMC, as a “legit” squad. There are clear ties between the members of PIRATE and BlackRebelsMC. There was active collaboration between the two squads for piratical purposes – which predated Huzzah’s incidental interest in my bounty (encouraged by me, in fact), and which I merely confirmed by using myself as bait.








I’ve always considered pirates to be filth – and those who fence for them no less so. Add in the fact that at least two of them were flux sympathizers, and you’ve got a nasty little mess of pond scum in our midst.

This is a pilot-submitted report! If you’d like to make your own report, or submit your own news, contact us above! We’d love to publish your hot takes! ~Nuncio


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