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Pilot Palavers: Huzzah

Joining us this time is Huzzah, from squad PIRATE – I know, right? I couldn’t resist this one.

Hello there! Thanks for agreeing to the interview! Can you tell me a bit about yourself? I know that pirates can get a bad rap, but I would like to hear your thoughts on the matter!

Huzzah downs a cold one after a hard sector's work.

LP: Where are you from? 
H: I’m from [Soria] at least as far as i know. I can’t remember anything [that] happened before I was 16 years.
LP: What did you do prior to the Catastrophe? 
H: Before the [Final Aftershock in 105] I was a scientist. I conducted research with TotalNooB about the conflux. We were sure that the conflux are friendly… well at least the sentient ones not the drones. After the [Catastrophe] I tried my best as a trader I had 6 children and a woman to feed….
LP: What made you decide to become a pirate?
H: Well it wasn’t really a decision… I had big trouble with TRI because of some defence drones and an incomplete delivery – well they confiscated my ship and almost everything I ever had. My wife and my children ran away… since then I’m a rat trying to get ‘nough money to buy me some food and beer… sometimes its enough to get some Quant grass.
LP: Is it profitable?
H: Hell NO! you can be lucky if you have ‘nough credits to get fuel for your ship… sometimes you cant even effort a Flashfire…
LP: Do you pay or die, or use a Burglar?
H: Well that depends on usually I prefer the burglar but they are kinda hard to get and they are so expensive…
LP: I saw an… altercation… in Inner Cloud just now. One that resulted in an additional bounty levied. What happened there?Ouch.

H: Umm? I’m not sure if I can tell you… Okay just so far I don’t like beacons tuned – obviously – so Pilot Axiomoon was tuning – at least I think he did aaaaaaand i offered him: he pays me 400k which is ridiculously low for a Pilot having 40mil… well he refused to pay and tried to run… do I need to say more?

After-Action Marker

LP: Anything we should know about squad PIRATE?
H: Well no not really just give us your stuff and we are happy. We don’t take too much though if its more then we need we buy food for the unreg stations. As you are a journalist I’m sure you know how many people are hungry at those stations!
LP: What would you like our readers to know, in closing?
H: Don’t trust TRI it’s all lies! Huzzah out Cheereo!
Thanks, Huzzah! That was quite informative!

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