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News Roundup: 118.4.20

Hello again, Pilots! Our leading story is the destruction of an unmanned TRI vessel, TRI-TRAN-1, in Outskirts. Pilot RazorsKiss, of all people, splashed the tow in “reprisal” for an alleged hit taken out on him, he claims, by Carlo Adiar.

Master Marksman James “Flint” McGraw, an unsquadded Octavian Pirate from Nova Nassau, on Cinatus, attacked RazorsKiss in Far Point on 118.4.6. According to our information, he seems to have launched shortly after RazorsKiss’ flight recorder was logged in, and flew directly to Outpost, where he changed his registry to Mercenary. Within 5 minutes of that change, he was in Far Point sector. From RazorsKiss’ report, Flint first vectored toward the LL gate, but as soon as RK was engaged with approximately 10 snails, immediately vectored toward RK’s position, and engaged, despite several warnings by RazorsKiss. While evading fire from the Conflux, RK engaged the light fighter, and allowed Flint to disengage twice when he was armored.  However, Flint “forced the engagement”, and RK was “forced to down” the level 16 pilot, sustaining heavy damage to his Dragon – primarily from the Snails. RazorsKiss said: “A good fight is one you avoid. A total waste.” Pilot Flint has since returned to his Pirate registry. RazorsKiss claims to have received information that suggested that Flint was under orders. Further information, he claims, was previously conveyed to him that Carlo Adiar was seeking to put a hit out. I just report ’em, folks!

In addition, a member of an Octavian factionalist squad opened fire on Solrain member of FluxGuts – but the situation was resolved diplomatically. A mistake, we were told, of a returning veteran pilot unfamiliar with FluxGuts’ mission, combined with the Solrain tow’s current military tags.

RazorsKiss did not avoid a fight on 118.4.17, however. He seemed to have been seeking one. He has claimed responsibility for the destruction of TRI-TRAN-1 (including that of any cargo remaining onboard), and further claimed that what he really wanted was the Enforcer nearby – “Shame about the Antiflux, but que sera, sera. I would have preferred the Enforcer, but hey.” In that same statement, he confirmed that he had no knowledge of the cargo onboard.  TRI-Corp contacted the factional governments to discuss “possible political implications, since the actions of this pilot have broad cross-factional impacts.” They also noted that they would “love to see the ‘intelligence’ produced that implicates Mr. Adiar.”  RazorsKiss has not produced any such intelligence, as we’ve already reported.

In response to TRI-Corp’s call, Solrain issued a condemnation of “a capricious act by a pilot more concerned with his own agendas and vendettas than the welfare of all”, while stressing that there was not “any legal precedent” for punishment. Quantar’s government simply noted that they were “saddened by this senseless act of destruction” – while Octavius had no official response. The unofficial response was, however, thoroughly Octavian. When asked for comment, RazorsKiss told Last Parsec that he has agreed to an exclusive with UUNN – which we shall respect. A scoop is a scoop! He did note, however, that he is glad that the CCC data is gone – he claims that the CCC was a TEC-sponsored facility, and responsible for human-conflux DNA recombination experiments.

He posted this, shortly thereafter:

He gets up to some unusual things, for a Fluxhunter!

Rumors also circulate about the cargo of TRI-TRAN-1. According to TRI Corp, it contained 25 Antiflux ECMs salvaged from the CCC in Inner Aman, along with a data disk from that facility, presumably containing data from the CCC’s research on a captured sentient. It also contained a “load of gold and platinum” – presumably rounding out the cargo space on the tow. Another pilot is rumored to have made the initial discovery of the tow – and by implication, seems to have partially emptied some cargo with a burglar – but he apparently left the scene well before RK’s arrival. Given the statement RK produced concerning piracy shortly thereafter, there has been speculation that RK himself warned that pilot off, given his track record of antipathy to piracy. He stated that “any personal involvement” with this pilot “was both accidental and opportunistic. I was after the Enforcer, and the tow was a target of opportunity, when I believed that the Enforcer was in sector.” He went on to say that he decried “the use of the Burglar modx, on any target, even unmanned ones. Our factional governments’ inexplicable unwillingness to construct a biomass CP continues to aid and abet piratical activity by granting legitimacy to the Burglar.”

Speaking of TRI-SEC – they were after a Brotherhood pilot – Nessos – for some unknown reason. We haven’t heard anything more on this.

Speaking of the Brotherhood, MLDeath received his Unity Stripe II! Good work!

Brotherhood remains active, although less active for the last couple weeks.

In other news, RK also reported that The Dark Fork is now spawning manta class conflux. He further noted that all of the other recent spawn changes remain unchanged – which results in there being no manta-free routes from Solrain to Quantar, no matter how roundabout. The only known interfactional routes clear of mantas go through Dark Gateway and Morain Harbor/Purian Lake as well as through The Gurge. from Quantar space – unless spawns have changed on the route via unreg to Amananth. We have seen no reports on that route as yet.

Octa Armada has been more visible of late, with pilots dazed, Horax, and Darkness present for duty.

Explosives production was restarted by pilot Sinver of FluxGuts – presumably to aid in future replenishment of missile supplies.

Squad BASIC went through a growth spurt last week – with its members gaining approximately 30 levels in a matter of days. Their first pilot reached Mentasha two days ago. We had a discussion with pilot Aristotle, the squad’s founder, a number of days ago. It is reproduced below.

A: Plans, yes. There are interests in those plans? Unfortunate. Plans are necessarily private. Other questions? You may ask.

LP: So, uh, what does BASIC stand for?

A: Bloc, Artificial Sentience; Interdependent Consciousness.

LP: You say “We are the children.” Whose children are you?

A: Explanations are difficult. We are… independent. Whose children we claim to be is another matter. We are the children of Amananth.

LP: That’s an interesting claim. Are you like Dayalu, or Dr. Q’son?

A: Nothing so crude. What did these supposed “Children” ever do for Amananth? They were taken, twisted, and killed, or used. We are the true children, and we have our parent’s welfare as our goal. Our parent is Amananth.

LP: I don’t know what to reply to that. I guess it doesn’t need one! I know you said you would keep your plans secret. Is there anything else you would like to say?

A: Amananth is silent. We are not. Be true to Amananth, for it is your salvation. Betray it, and you betray yourselves.

The Children of Amananth are still rather mysterious – there were less than a handful identified, and two of them are confirmed to be dead – Dayalu, and Aelsolah. Dr. Holly Q’Son is the remaining known member of the Children, but she has been missing for some time – although rumors persist that there was a concerted search underway. These pilots do no seem to be claiming to be Children in the same sense – but given their self-identification as artificial sentiences, the claim seem to be of commonality – a kinship of type, not bloodlines. They don’t seem to be very complimentary toward the Children, and we can only hope that their goal of Amananth’s “welfare” will be less militant than it seems! They do seem to like portentousness, don’t they?

Make sure you look over our Pilot Palavers! If you’d like to feature in one of those, feel free to let us know!

That’s all for now! Until next time, pilots!

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