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Pilot Palavers: Nessos

Joining us this time is Nessos, from the Brotherhood of the Stone!

LP: Welcome, Nessos! 

N: Shalim Nuncio.

LP: To start off with, tell me a little about yourself.

N: I was born on Kapenja, near the city of Fakar.

TRI initiated a massive recruiting drive during 101, that was the point when I decided to become a pilot and help The Reconstruction Initiative. Until then I had a good job in the refinery-industry, but I was always following the news about what was going on in space.

After some time I found out that cargo-pilot was the right job for me. What happened?
OV (Octavian Vanguard) was, or still is, an factionalistic squad that regularly raided Quantar space, tuned the beacons, blockaded the gates and the docking tubes. We had a few pilots together who decided to stop that vandalism, all inexperienced. We just wanted to start from QC when OV-pilots entered the sector, we all went down in a few seconds, without even hitting one of them I guess.
There were some other incidents that confirmed my decision, but I guess this is a good example.

:qbld became my favorite channel and faction missions were my thing. I made many friends there during that time, one of them was the squadleader of my second squad “Preservers

The Preservers devoted themselves to the economy side of the Quantar cause. We were members of the GQA (Great Quantar Alliance) and worked together with squads like -QA-, FFK, Quantar’s Sword, Quanus Templars, Wild Cards and Quantar Movers. I have fond memories of that time, too many to share here with you.
But I may tell you one of my memories from my time before I joined Preservers and was flying a Hurricane.
During a cargo-mission I ran into a pilot called Acidguru from TDP (The Dark Path, dreaded pirate squad back in the days), I don’t remember the details to be honest, but I remember that he was the first pilot who shot me down.

At some point, I took over Preservers years ago & none of the squads listed above were left, I disbanded Preservers and joined The Brotherhood of the stone.

LP: Wow, lots of history there! I appreciate you sharing that with us! It’s always good to know where we came from!  Speaking of history, however, – as a member of Brotherhood, you recently opened up “The Digital Temple” on your squad forums – what can you tell us about that effort?

N: You know, I wasn’t really religious before my time amongst those faithful Quantar I met during this period of time. I learned a lot about Hamalzah and our history, and the path of Roh. When I joined the Brotherhood, I decided to become a monk and learn more about it all, and try to understand where we come from and where we will be …

I found myself lost at some points, only with help of others you are able to comprehend some things you may never solve on your own … I got confronted with questions during my flight-time by another pilot, it wasn’t possible for me to find answers in time or even respond adequately, that’s why I opened “The Digital Temple”.

LP: Excellent! Thanks for doing so. I’m sure there’s lots to learn! On a slightly tangential subject – What do you love about Quantar? Anything you wish you could change?

N: Every flight through Quantar space is exciting, the planets, the nebulas, it’s magic.
We have excellent ships and beautiful stations. We have a stable government, the Qua’ it tahir, the right to participate in political decisions, the Fa’hil Memta.
Change something? What I would change does involve only the periphery of Quantar and I should not talk about it on public channels.

LP: I appreciate that, thank you. What are your ultimate goals, as a jump pilot? What’s next for you?

N: I have been in very restrictive squads in the last 16 years, regarding rules of engagement and their agendas, I worked for the betterment of Quantar more then a decade. Not the entire time though, I was absent for quite some month or even years since my first flight, spend some credits on things that can make life better or worth, depends.
Many goals were already reached before the last catastrophe but there are quiet some things that may be interesting to do. This question comes at the right moment, I think about it alot in the last weeks, what’s next …
I am a proud member of Brotherhood, even if the core-pilots aren’t around anymore, Ambrosius still keeps it up and we accepted two new brothers into our ranks, Obe & MLD, maybe we’ll find more pilots who can walk the path of Roh and get back to our old strength.
But as I said, at some point you have to steer into another direction, or you will end up in a circle or just fly straight with eyes wide shut … maybe the next days will give an answer …

LP: I’ll ask a self-serving question – and I’m not really fishing for compliments here, but… Is there anything else you’d like to see Last Parsec cover?

N: You do a great job at Last Parsec, really! Your day-to-day and breaking-news about things that actual happen in space is something I really missed in the last years. Now “Pilot Palavers”, I am curious about what will come next!

LP: Thank you so much! Again, not trying to draw comparisons here, either – but… how about UUNN? Are you happy with their news coverage?

N: UUNN is the only institution that covered news from space since many years now. Some of their employees are former reporters from TRINN, they are experienced and know their job, still may have good ties to the people in power. If you need to know something, that happened years ago, you will find it in the news-archive, not everything though, but still very helpful.

LP: Anything else you’d like to share with your fellow pilots?

N: Yeah, of course, “Ace”, if you read that … suck my ballz!

LP: Laughs – No comment! Thank you so much for stopping by – and we’ll see you in space!

Bonus OOC content:

LP: If you could change two things about Jumpgate, what would they be?

N: Snap my fingers and the player-population would be at ~ 500 active pilots, no not 5 players with 100 chars each, 500 players, that would be cool. We would need more content then, more sectors, new ships, a fleet for Hyperial means making Hyperial a playable faction, ok already more then two things, but there are a lot more … just no second attempt to build a whole new game, JG is JG, ok, maybe some fresher graphics …

LP: If you could keep two things exactly the way they are, what would they be? 

N: The flight engine & the ship(s) designs.


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