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Pilot Palavers: Tiberius

Greetings, pilots all! It is I, Nuncio! We’re proud to introduce “Pilot Palavers”, a new segment here at LP! Joining us for this inaugural edition  is Tiberius, a (currently) Quantar pilot who is shooting for the coveted Triple Optimus title. He took some time out of his day to shoot the fat, and tell us a bit more about himself!

N: Welcome, Tiberius!

T: Good Afternoon!

N: I appreciate your willingness to drop by, Tiberius. I’ll just dive right in, because I know you’ve got things to do, as do we all! We’ve been keeping tabs on your quest for triple Optimus – what made you want to pursue that?

T: This is something I’ve wanted to do for a long time and finally decided to undertake. As more pilots return and our numbers grow, I think having people who’ve demonstrated knowledge and expertise across the factions will inspire others to seek out their own challenges and inspire others.

N: A laudable goal! I remember that you flew for Octavius, a number of months ago – why Quantar first?

T: I know the least about Quantar vessels and wanted to better understand how they handle and their capabilities. I’ve generally found them to be a joy to fly. They are fast and extremely maneuverable, though they lack the punch of their counterparts and have a profile that makes them vulnerable in a fight. I will remember this when I return to flying Octavian ships… 

N: I bet you will! So, what faction is next for you, then? 

T: Solrain is next on my list. Again, I have minimal experience piloting these vessels and want to expand my knowledge of how they handle and their capabilities. 

N: Fair enough. Nothing like a challenge, and a broadening of our horizons!  Once you get your triple, what’s next for you? What are your ultimate goals, as a jump pilot?

T: This is a long way off, but after getting my triple, I plan to start hunting artifacts, building my own station, and trying to influence TRI’s efforts to rebuild and expand. I’m hoping that having the triple Optimus carries some weight there.

N: Excellent, excellent! Someone with your experience should definitely be listened to! So, along those lines – is there anything else you’d like to see Last Parsec cover? Self-serving, I know!

T: I think LP does a great job with its frequent coverage of a myriad of issues and highly recommend it to other pilots. I really don’t have any suggestions at this time.

N: Thank you for the kind words, friend! We’ll try to keep it up! Not to be… competitive, but… how about UUNN? Are you happy with their news coverage?

T:  I’m generally happy with it, though it would be nice to see more information on what’s happening planetside and how this might effect pilots.

N: That would be informative, certainly!  Anything else you’d like to share with your fellow pilots?

T: Lets keep the momentum going and keep growing our community!

N: Once again, thanks ever so much for your time, and we’ll see you in space!

Bonus OOC content:

N: If you could change two things about Jumpgate, what would they be?

T: A graphics overhaul and new sectors. 

N: If you could keep two things exactly the way they are, what would they be? 

T: The flight physics and player owned stations.

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