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News Roundup: 118.3.7

Howdy pilots! It’s been somewhat slow of late, but we aren’t lacking for news!

Tiberius continues his run for Triple Optimus, but the slowdown has set in. He’s currently at Ambador. The mercenary pilot Crusher00 got on NODRAGON’s bad side, flipping beacons red in Sol space. The outspoken Solrain pilot attempted to shoot Crusher00 down at Sol Core, but was quickly dispatched by the MKII security droid. NOD then proceeded to post a 2.5 million credit/kill bounty on Crusher00. (The bounty was claimed as fulfilled by Rail69, but NOD hasn’t been seen in space since.) Apparently, the two pilots colluded for the cash.

Ronjata organized a biomass extraction “party”, and RazorsKiss organized nuke production commods at the Core stations. There are still mysterious doings afoot in Amananth space, and RazorsKiss killed a whole lot of swarms over the past week or two.  A crazy guy was making prophecies the other evening. 303031 has been seen a couple times, even going so far as to shoot at a low-level FluxGuts pilot. Squad BASIC is piquing curiosity, while FluxGuts has acquired a number of new low-level pilots as well, including their newest member, Flamingo. Hyperial’s Far Gate connection was infested on 3.5, and a sentient infested Wake’s Purian Lake gate, as well as both gates to Tranquilus Major.  Rail69 killed 3 infests yesterday, and delivered over 100 nukes to Wake Station this morning. When praised, he firmly avowed that “this was a squad effort.” RazorsKiss took care of the Hyperial infest very early that same morning. Hyperial has not replied to a request for comment at publication time.

Speaking of Hyperial, the entire planet of Hypsos was silent for 15 minutes on 2.28 in memory of their former President, Kelvin Rauder. Workers continue their strike at the Unregulated stations, while two Faction missions, for Octavius and Quantar, requesting Magnesium, were quickly completed. The TRI mission for biomass is going slowly, but it’s going. Reportedly, Hammer-BS had a big load inbound. Octavius’ Great Pillars is requesting medical supplies, with some seeming urgency, with a new Octavian FM. The FM also adds that pilots from Martius are honor-bound to answer the call, but that pilots from the rest of Octavius and even other factions are also invited to assist. There was an unconfirmed report of “static” from Martius.


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