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Prope Est?

Space was astir this evening with sightings of the “rogue” Enforcer with the transponder code 303031. It quoted one line of a supposed “prophecy”, which Octavian Rookie pilot Zar-Kwon, in the midst of advertising to buy PC-UC10s (of all things!), decided to share in it’s entirety.

Here’s what Zar-Kwon says the prophecy is in it’s entirety:

“Yes, it is I!

PCUC-10s are greatly desired! I will happily pay 1u of platinum for each!”

He then proceeded to say that he was “called from his sleep”, and that it was “Serendipity.”

(He also did this PC-UC10 thing a few months ago – and I have no idea what it was supposed to be about, or now- they aren’t used for anything. But I digress.)

I had a tutor who taught me ancient Octavian, which supposedly has ties from much further back in our history – so I figured I’d make a stab at a translation.

“They know, they know!
And banks, yea, towers and of Ares?
And banks, yea, towers and of Ares?
That river, Marius’ or blood? Be warned and listen underneath.
Ye that marries in triumph over tributariot -when you now strembled to wall out.
Pray for Marius! Patient expectavius patient expectavius:
They were here.”

He also said “Prope est” twice – and “But they said it. You said they said it!”

Additionally, he insisted GrimFalcon was a charlatan.

“CHARLATAN!! False prophecy, that. It is not the river, the blood that comes.”

Then he repeated the “that river” and “ye that marries” gobbledygook, and said “prope est” twice.

Prope est, in ancient Octavian, is “it is near”.

However, he mixed up “Ares” in there, and that’s from pre-Octavian days, although I recognize it as the God of War; Mars in ancient Octavian – and that it doesn’t fit at least the attempted use of ancient Octavian throughout.

So, if we were to try to make this make sense:

They know x2
And banks (of the river that follows, perhaps?), yes, Towers (stations?) and of The War God (Should be Mars, and would make a better pun on Marius’ name – but since “Ares” is specifically used, it could be pointing to a location at or near Ares Prime)?
That river, is it Marius’ (perhaps the Emperor of Ares Prime – belonging to him?) or blood?
Be warned and listen (deeper?) underneath.
Ye, who (join together?) marries in triumph over (tribute? a subject nation?)
-when you now strembled to wall out (incomprehensible line)
Pray for Marius, Patient (the one who suffers – should be patiens) expectavius (suspense) x2
They were here.
It is near. x2.

Best I can do.
Of course, this followed 303031, the Enforcer who attacked the Amananth convoy, saying the first of those two weird lines in this same “prophecy”, according to Zar-Kwon.

Your guess is as good as mine as to what this puzzle is supposed to mean, or why on earth a rookie pilot is supposedly “called back from sleep” to rap out an oddball prophecy.

However – this might be indicating that some disaster will befall Marius at Octavius Core, the “tower” of Ares Prime. Pilots from The Brotherhood, following bounty messages on a pilot in the Gurge, and Octavian Shore (we won’t mention why Quantar pilots were getting bounty messages in Octavian space…), searched for him at length, as did an independent Octavian pilot, who specifically checked Oct Core’s surrounds, due to the “Ares” reference. No trace of the “rogue” Enforcer was found, after several hours of searching, supplemented later by MadCat, as well.

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