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News Roundup: 118.2.19

Solrain pilot NODRAGON has called off his bounty on the Triple Optimus seeking Tiberius, who is currently flying for Quantar. He’s up to Paddashi already, so he’s really moving!  Lower priced Antiflux stocks from public POS were moved to TRI or unreg stations by a pilot who will remain nameless, earlier today, to the consternation of many. Evening’s End currently shows 9 Antiflux, with 19 remaining on public stations, the lowest priced at 999k. When asked why, he stated “I didn’t know they were that rare!” Well, we try to give you the news, folks. We can’t make you read it!

Pilots from all three factions spent an evening rather oddly earlier this weekend – attempting to fill the Primus Point Ore Depot to capacity (if possible)! Not how I’d pass the time, but hey – what do I know, right?

However, with the recent Sentient incursions of late, pilots have also been working together toward a different common goal – nuke production.  Flowbar, Johnny_Prime, NODRAGON, Granet, absol, Nammoc, Columbo, Nessos, Paselja, MadCat, Sinver, and Ko-Sar_jr (if I missed any, please let me know!) have all been working together to get Magnesium to Corridor for Synths, then Synths to Solrain Core for Electronics, and finally, collecting biomass. Sabre and Glaive stocks are on the rise at Quantar and Solrain Core stations!  Pilot Sinver stated that he was “happy to contribute” by “moving stocks and collecting biomass.”

When asked for comment, RazorsKiss added, “…any time nuke stockpiles get below a certain level, that’s just asking for trouble. With the sorts of infests we’ve been seeing, dropping 50 nukes into one is nothing out of the ordinary. Having an adequate supply at, the very least, the factional “gateway” stations, the 3 “outer” unreg stations, as well as Hyperial and Amananth, is just good strategy. Not all infests take 50 nukes, granted – but there have been a good half dozen that were 30 or more in the past few months, and the average seems to be between 20 and 25. A supply of 250 nukes will give you an average, then, of 10 infests. With the difficulty involved in nuke production, the slowness of that production, and the speed with which they are used, when we use them; all that adds up to a lot of work – and even more headaches, if we allow the flux to cut us off from each other for any extended period of time. We need cooperation between the factions to produce nukes. End of story. Those stocks need to rise, and stay up at a much higher level than we’ve allowed them to fall to recently – especially at Wake, Hyperial, Lothar’s Landing, and Evening’s End. I encourage all pilots to prioritize obtaining Magnesium for Synthetics and Plutonium production – as well as obtaining as much biomass as you can manage.”

Currently, total stocks of nukes in all major stations are, as of this writing, 4421. Station inventories are as follows:

Solrain Core: 313
Solrain Cornea: 245
Solrain Wake: 0

Octavius Core: 286
Octavius Outpost: 501
Octavius Great Pillars: 145

Quantar Core: 336
Quantar Corridor: 192
Quantar Tripoint: 435

Hyperial: 163
Amananth: 404

Klatches Hold: 380
Evening’s End: 119
Lothar’s Landing: 128
GBS: 425

There has also been talk of a “biomass party” sometime this weekend, and perhaps some other events as well – so stay tuned! If we hear anything more, we’ll let you know.

Pilot numbers have been markedly higher the last week, and we hope that trend continues!

The sentient attacks over the past week or so have put nerves on edge around factional space. Carlo Adiar and RazorsKiss had it out over the former’s remarks during a briefing. There was a threat of a formal challenge by RazorsKiss, but it was retracted when TRI-Corp issued a formal apology. Tensions remain high, however, and rumors persist that there was talk of skulduggery at the TRI-Corp offices afterwards. FluxGuts’ official policy response to the Corporation’s position has not been addressed, as of this posting.

Odd happenings in Amananth; pilots have been seen entering and leaving the Sea of Shadows sector at a higher-than-usual rate of late. Perhaps to avoid the higher level spawns in Aman Hook? We aren’t sure, but since one of them was RazorsKiss, that doesn’t seem likely. As with most things to do with Amananth, it’s certainly mysterious!

Speaking of FluxGuts, pilots Ko-Sar_jr and Adune joined that squad this week.

Sinver got his Operations Medal III this week, Columbo got his Unity Stripe II, Flowbar got Operations II.

Ko-Sar got a swarm kill and an assist, Flowbar and Flowbaro killed swarms, Ronjata killed a swarm, RK downed 10 swarms in all, with assists from Vulcan, Ronjata, Ko-Sar_jr, and Kanthakeh. MadCat downed a sentient in a major battle in Amananth sector, where Joker_GdI, MadCat, Ko-Sar_jr, RazorsKiss, and Paselja all fought against one sentient with successive waves of drones, for several hours. 8 infests were destroyed this week, with 3 destroyed by RK, four by NODRAGON, and one by Rail69.

That’s all for now, pilots! As always, you can Submit News above, contact us via subspace on social media, or at contact @ lastparsec dot net, if there’s something you want us to include!


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