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FluxGuts responds to Adiar’s Allegations

On the heels of his controversial demand of last night, FluxGuts CO RazorsKiss has released another statement; this time an official rebuttal dealing with Carlo Adiar’s allegations, and responding to the substance of his remarks, as a TRI-Corp Conflux specialist.

Mr Adiar.

Whilst insisting, repeatedly, that you are no tactician, you repeatedly offer tactical assessments in the same breath. As a long-time tactician, might I make a suggestion? Stop.

In your recent briefing, you made the following statements:

“C’mon, isn’t it obvious? This pilot, RazorCut arranges a huge flux hunt where they kill like 30,000 drones.  Then a few days later we see sentients everywhere, infestations everywhere and increased swarm activity to boot.  What did they think would happen?  And they cry about not having any Antiflux?”

“Listen, we’re not a military organization.  We have our finger on the pulse of what is going on and we consult with any faction that engages us.  The Conflux situation has been nominal since the Dark Crossroads smack-down . . . but now because some pilots decide to organize a massive flux-hunt and pimp their stats, space has become much, much more dangerous for everyone.”

Here’s the pulse, Mr. Adiar – straight from the tracking room of the Conflux War Command Center.

Infestations, October>January.


What I’m not including are the Canis, Pulsar and Aman Leap infestations – as those are infested so often as to be routine, correct? I will, once again, point out that these infestations bear a strong correlation to the new spawn patterns we have identified. I will also point out that all of these events, as well as the Conflux spawn increases, all occurred prior to the Samwise Memorial Fluxhunt. Is that nominal? Furthermore, that Memorial was expressly said to be a response to Conflux escalation. I quote:

Recent Conflux incursions have threatened the Solrain/Quantar corridor, as well as the sole entry point to Hyperial space, at The Main Gate. As we often did with similar competitions sponsored by New Dawn, we’re combining competition with strategic goals. More pilots in space actively hunting Conflux means suppression on the trade lanes, more eyes in space, and more muscle to bring to bear on the enemy. In that vein – four requests, while we flux: 1) No swarms are to survive in TRI space for the duration of this contest! 2) Please ensure frequent patrols of the area between Bronci Rift and Hyperion Gate! 3) No infest or sentient activity should be ignored for mere drones! 4) Most importantly – all toasts we drink, we drink to the legendary samwise! Defender of the Barrier, Solrain Optimus, and holder of both the Foundation of the Trust AND the TRI Order of Merit! Long may his legacy last!

Far be it from me to point this out – but the only one “panicking” here seems to be you. FluxGuts has been on the scene for each reported sentient incursion thus far. We’ve kept people informed, done the necessary research to update the threat assessments that pilots can rely on, and we’ve gone on the offensive. Of course they responded to that offensive with one of their own. This is what happens in a war, Mr. Adiar. Did you forget that there is an active war going on? In lulls in the fighting, civilians always seem to think that the war is over. This war has never stopped, sir. In your last statement to the public, you insist you aren’t a tactician, yet offer your assessment of threat – which is, sir, tactical. In this case, you once again demur from talking about tactical matters – but you quantify a danger – which, again, is a tactical assessment.

If I might return to your statement, point by point. First, you get my name wrong. Is it that hard to remember a pilot’s callsign? I mean, I’ve been gone for a while, but I can manage to remember your name, can’t I? We won’t even bring up how often my callsign has to feature in the records easily obtainable in your office… Second, accuracy with the facts is the hallmark of a good researcher – a good scientist. It was very clearly stated that the total flux kills for the event was just under 14,000, not 30,000. Thirdly, while sentients were, indeed, noted “everywhere” – there were not nearly as many infestations. Those were limited to 1 in Sol space, and several incidences in Amananth. The infest activity prior to the lull preceding the SMF was far heavier. Fourthly. swarm activity, to the best of my knowledge, has been no heavier than normal – and I can be fairly certain on that score, having destroyed more than my fair share over the past several months. Do you have any data to back that up? I can offer my own experiential witness that swarms don’t seem any denser. You’re just seeing them destroyed more often. Could that be accounting for your perception? As for Antiflux, sure, they’re handy for the odd time when I am in a tow. Did you happen to remember, however, that the vast majority of Quantar considers mining a religious duty? That the Solrain have a massive merchant fleet? It’s the cargo haulers and miners I’m thinking of, when I bring up Antiflux. After all, that aspect of my duty should not be neglected.

But to address your last point; of course the Flux are counter-attacking. We expected them to, and this was designed to draw them out. Just as the SMF, Mr. Adiar, was itself a counter-attack – in response to Conflux aggression. This response was on our terms, not theirs. Sure, they were mostly quiescent between the Battle of DX and 117.9 – but either I or my squadmates have been present at each and every sentient encounter since 117.9 – and there was a rather major encounter with a sentient in The Main Gate on 117.11.10. This is what happens in a war, Mr. Adiar. Blaming pilots for doing their job and fighting it is an exercise in idiocy. My mother was killed in one of the openings salvos of this war, nearly 18 years ago – and I have fought it since I took my first flight in an Apteryx in 101 AT. It’s what I do – and what I will continue to do. Whatever may have occurred prior to my return to active duty recently, we all once again have an active warzone to deal with – and that activity had begun to resume on 117.9.27 – prior to my return. The Conflux were already up to something. I had nothing to do with it. I didn’t make their decision to blockade Hyperial. I didn’t make their decision to increase the pressure on Amananth. I didn’t make their decision to increase the forces they have stationed between Quantar and Solrain. The Conflux did. I didn’t infest well over a dozen gates. The Conflux did. Blame the messenger all you want – but the enemy doesn’t do what you want them to do – because they’re the enemy. That’s what enemies do. If you think there’s some resolution to this – why don’t you set your sights on what the Conflux were saying in the “smackdown” you speak of? My squadmate Sinver was there, after all. If you want to just study their biology, go right ahead – there’s a place for that, certainly – but that doesn’t mean you know everything about Conflux.  We’re fighting a war – that’s what we do. If you’re not going to help, get out of the way.  We’d like your help, if you have any to offer – but your active hindrance is beginning to irritate me. Spouting Conflux propaganda about how we’re hunting them for sport, (or to use your words, “pimping our stats”) contrary to all the facts of the matter, is more than merely irritating, especially since the hunt in question was a memorial for a celebrated hero. Military organizations “keep score” in body counts. It is a game, of sorts – if a deadly sort. There’s a reason why the phrase “wargames” remains current, in every generation – but that doesn’t make it just a sport, or any less deadly serious an affair. If you don’t work for a military organization, then stop acting as if military organizations like mine should listen to you about things which you repeatedly claim to have no expertise in. After all, I’ve personally dealt with more sentients than you can ever claim to have dealt with, sir – communicating with them, as well as fighting them. I assure you they remember samwise now, as they said. They also remember me – for good reason. Do you want to be remembered? Do something worth remembering, instead of moaning about how much more dangerous space is. We didn’t start this. They invaded us. They attacked us.  They have festered in our space, enslaved the Thrice Seven, enslaved Aelsolah, and they show no signs of stopping their onslaught. You are descended from a warrior people – act like it.

There has been no reply as yet to RazorsKiss’ demands of 118.2.13, nor have we received any reports of further sentient incursions. FluxGuts reported earlier this evening that 3 swarms were downed, with the assistance of Kanthakeh of Brotherhood, and the Solrain Ronjata.

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