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Optimus Issues Demand For Adiar Retraction

We’ve just received a statement from Pilot RazorsKiss, which he wishes made publicly available.

Mr. Adiar;

While your personal ignorance is appalling, given your position, I find myself quite able to forgive your insults to me, my squad, and even my fellow active pilots. After all, they are more than able to look after themselves in that regard! They will respond (or ignore the insult) as they deem fit. Any free citizen of our respective factions may say whatever damn-fool thing they please, as you have – but there are some things I find inexcusable, nonetheless – and which our people are not prepared to accept. Firstly, the shame you bring to Octavius. Such unmitigated folly brings nothing but disgrace to your faction of origin, and to our Emperors. Your precipitous comments were foolish in a variety of ways, but the studied insult to a decorated hero and warrior of Solrain was egregious, at best – especially when given voice from Solrain Core Station.  You see, the “huge flux hunt” was in honor of almost certainly the most beloved and one of the most decorated Solrain pilots in history. It was the Samwise Memorial Fluxhunt. Pre-Catastrophe, he was a Solrain Optimus, and holder of Keval’s Thanks, Samon’s Legacy, Sarath’s Wit, and Quantar’s Flame – not to mention his achievement of 25,000 Conflux kills. Post-Catastrophe, his record is just as impressive. Over 20,000 Conflux kills, Solrain Optimus, and holder of Foundation of the Trust, Defender of the Barrier, and the TRI Order of Merit! It was a memorial in his honor, not to “pimp our stats!” What would one of the most celebrated Conflux hunters of this age (or any other) have wanted as a memorial? Exactly what we gave him. Thirdly, what I especially cannot tolerate is your blatant disrespect to a brother in battle. What the sharper eyed pilots present for the memorial ceremony we held may have caught was a salutation familiar to most Octavians: Talan Gar! 

This salute from antiquity means, literally, “The Spear Speaks” – it is a warrior’s salute – and accomplished by slaying the enemies common to you both. This salute can only be accomplished by brothers in battle, and to be accorded such honor is of great, even sacred, importance. To make the pledge is to name the one to whom it is given your brother, and you are thereby obligated to defend his honor, and his life, with your all. Thus is our honor pledged – and it is this brother’s honor that I cannot have impugned. I am a scion of Martius, and a son of Octavius. As a ranking Octavian Optimus, and Master of Ceremonies for the Memorial in question that honored my brother’s life and service, I cannot stand by when such a gross insult to our people, the people of my brother, and to himself, personally, is made by one of my own blood – and by virtue of his reception of Quantar’s Flame, I might add, to Quantar, as well.

I demand that you retract your allegations concerning the Memorial, apologize for your disrespect to his memory, and personally pledge to name him in the Feast of the Fallen, given his adopted status, granted by my hand and honor. I give you until midnight UTC, 118.2.16 to issue such a statement, or I shall invoke the Codex Duellum, and issue a formal challenge. In that unlikely event (as I trust that you will remember your heritage as a Son of Octavius and act accordingly), I will offer you the choice of Gladii orTridens, in deference to your age, while myself utilizing the traditional Ka’Bar knives.  In any case, you will answer for the slur on samwise’s honor.

In the happy event that such a retraction is offered, I shall forget this unfortunate incident occurred, as is proper, and deal thenceforth only with your public statements of record as regard policy, in equally public debate. My squad’s response to your comments on policy will be forthcoming.

With Utmost Sincerity,

Razorat “RazorsKiss” Kathonar,

Octavian Optimus Sextus,

CO FluxGuts, Commander ION (Fmr.), CAG New Dawn (Fmr.)

Contego Octavius!

This is not the first time RazorsKiss and Mr. Adiar have tangled publicly. They have recently exchanged barbs concerning Antiflux stocks, as well as the recent Conflux spawn changes. We will report any further reactions to Mr. Adiar’s statement, or that from RazorsKiss, as they arise in the coming days.


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