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News Roundup: 118.2.7 – Morning Edition

Baronet NODRAGON has offered a bounty of 2 PCE-5s to the non-Quantar pilot who shoots down Odroutist Tiberius, who he accuses of flux-dumping and repeatedly “violating Faction beacons of Solrain and Hyperial.” He requires screenshots as proof. In response, Tiberius had this to say. “You are welcome to make the attempt. Perhaps in the future you should respond to hails instead of maintaining radio silence beyond the reach of most radars.” The buzz about the bounty mostly seems to revolve around who is going to collect the bounty on the person who collects the bounty!

Optimus RazorsKiss sent off two couriers last night, the second one turning off at Omni V, not continuing toward Hyperial, like the first.

UUNN announced the awards for the SMF, and had a short entry concerning the mysterious message seen on 118.2.2, apparently originating from the Pulsar transceiver.


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