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Samwise Memorial Fluxhunt: FINAL RESULTS

Final Day Standings:

516 – RazorsKiss
490 – Sinver
439 – vorlon31
365 – MadCat
39 – Flowbar
22 – Cenn
21 – Nimdas
20 – Ronjata
17 – Rail69
3 – Drevent
2 – bcdass
2 – J_Prime

Final Overall Standings:

3332 – RazorsKiss
3025 – Sinver
1490 – Rail69
1272 – Cyraxx666
1001 – MadCat
871 – Flowbaro
648 – vorlon31
365 – Ronjata
276 – Nessos
262 – Flowbar
196 – Oberothton
138 – Cenn
125 – Ambrosius
84 – -Jon-1
62 – Nara
58 – Hammer-BS
41 – J_Prime
35 – Nimdas
30 – noodles
28 – Kanthakeh
14 – Yozho
12 – Jalil
5 – Kenny23
3 – Drevent
2 – bcdass

13,920 Conflux destroyed!


Factional Winners:

Sinver, Cyraxx666, Flowbaro

Total prizes:

Sinver: 4 daily wins – Beat RK twice, 3 runners up – Solrain winner: Cesium Medal, 3,250,000 credits; PCE-5
Rail69: 1 daily win, 1 runner up, 2 third place: Platinum Medal, 1,200,000 credits; PCS-1
Cyraxx666: 2 daily wins – Beat RK twice, 1 runner up – Quantar winner: Antimony Medal, 950,000 credits.

MadCat: 1 third place: 25,000
Flowbaro: 1 daily win, 1 runner up – Octavian winner: 650,000
vorlon31: 1 runner up: 50,000
BLACKDOGG: 2 third place: 50,000
Ronjata: 1 runner up: 50,000
Nessos: 2 third place: 50,000
Oberothton: 1 third place: 25,000

All participants (those listed in the “overall” standings) also receive a Captain’s Commendation!

RazorsKiss will be contacting you over the next days to ensure that you get your promised monetary rewards in a timely fashion. Medal awards will be on a time-available basis, and are not controlled by the event sponsor – please be patient, and you’ll receive your medals as time allows.

Daily Winners of the Fluxhunt:

1 Sinver, Ronjata, Nessos
2 Sinver, Rail69, Oberothton
3 Sinver, Cyraxx666, Nessos
4 Cyraxx666, Sinver, Rail69
5 Cyraxx666, Sinver, BLACKDOGG
6 Flowbaro, Sinver, Rail69
7 Rail69, Flowbaro, BLACKDOGG
8 Sinver, vorlon31, MadCat

A message from the event sponsor:

Thank you, everyone, for the excellent turnout, the great attitudes, and for the friendly cooperation of even our non-hunters! I hope this has been a satisfactory memorial for our friend samwise, and a legacy he’d have been proud of. I’d like to personally thank each and every one of you for participating. When it comes to a memorial for our friend, the numbers weren’t the issue – your salute to him was. Thank you very much for everyone who logged duty hours during this time – and thanks so much for your salute to sam.

Our response to the threat to our space lanes has been swift and deadly – and even elicited a response from our enemies, The Conflux: “This we will remember” (Or “We will remember this”). While this campaign has been greatly successful, the war remains – and we didn’t escalate matters, whatever ominous messages they chose to send us in response to our counter stroke.  We have been assured by TRI Corporation that there’s “nothing to worry about” – they’re right – not with pilots like you! However, it’s quite obvious that while this is not cause for worry, it is cause for preparation. We aren’t done here, folks. We sent a message in response to an escalation of threat – and received one in return. Going forward, we’ll be spearheading additional initiatives, in partnership with other pilots from each faction to ensure that our space is secure, our defenses are prepared, and that we have adequate means of response to these additional threats by our longtime enemy. When it comes to defense against the Conflux, we hope that you’ll remember this week. Remember what we’re still capable of, and how we’re able to put aside factional strife and differences to meet a common enemy – and win. The flux aren’t the only ones who should remember this. You should too – and that we’re all the better for that remembrance. Thanks for turning out – and thanks again for the honor to an old squadmate – on behalf of myself, my new squad, and on behalf of New Dawn, in absentia.


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