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First Annual Samwise Memorial Fluxhunt



Alterion RazorsKiss, of squad FluxGuts, announces the First Annual Samwise Memorial Fluxhunt!

Pilot samwise, of squad New Dawn, was a wingmate of former New Dawn CAG RazorsKiss, and remains in #2 on the current all-time flux kills leaderboard (post-Catastrophe). He passed away on 116.11.28, but his love for fluxing competitions was well-known to his friends and squadmates. It is hoped that this event will be a fitting tribute and legacy to his steadfast defense against the Conflux, his example to us all as a pilot and friend, and to his legendary service record for New Dawn, Solrain, and TRI.

This competitive fluxhunting event will begin at 1200 Ekoo’s Standard Time on 118.1.26 – and end at 2400 EST on 118.2.3. Entries will be automatically selected from the Flux Kills rankings on JSR – and any interested pilot not on that list may submit a screen capture of their pilot page to enter, at or after 1200 EST on 118.1.26.

Recent Conflux incursions have threatened the Solrain/Quantar corridor, as well as the sole entry point to Hyperial space, at The Main Gate. As we often did with similar competitions sponsored by New Dawn, we’re combining competition with strategic goals. More pilots in space actively hunting Conflux means suppression on the trade lanes, more eyes in space, and more muscle to bring to bear on the enemy. In that vein – four requests, while we flux: 1) No swarms are to survive in TRI space for the duration of this contest! 2) Please ensure frequent patrols of the area between Bronci Rift and Hyperion Gate! 3) No infest or sentient activity should be ignored for mere drones! 4) Most importantly – all toasts we drink, we drink to the legendary samwise! Defender of the Barrier, Solrain Optimus, and holder of both the Foundation of the Trust AND the TRI Order of Merit! Long may his legacy last!

I appreciate your willingness, in advance.

Here are the various categories, and prizes:

Daily Prizes:

(1200-1200 for all days save the last – which will be extended to 2400, or 36 hours long, for the purposes of this Contest)

Daily winner: 100k credits!

Daily Runner Up: 50k

Daily Third Place: 25k

Contest Prizes:

(1200 EST 118.1.26 through 2400 EST 118.2.3)

Contest winner: Cesium Medal, 2 million credits, and a PCE-5!

Contest Runner-up: Platinum Medal,1 million credits, and a PCS-1!

Contest Third place: Antimony Medal, 500k credits

ALL other participants will receive a Captain’s Commendation for their efforts!

Bonus Prizes:

Any placing contestant (top 3) that beats RazorsKiss’ kill totals – whether daily or for the contest – doubles their winnings.

Highest total kills registered by a pilot in each faction at the end of the contest wins an additional 500k credits! One each from Octavius, Solrain, and Quantar!

RazorsKiss’ totals will not qualify for the contest – but will be used to qualify against for any additional rewards – and will be listed in the standings for informational purposes.

See you in space, pilots!



Last Parsec will be providing coverage of this event throughout, so stay tuned!

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