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Surprising Announcement from OPL

by Aurelius “Nuncio” Verselus


OPL Spokesperson Kaeso Cosmas announced today that they are going forward with layoffs of over 3,000 employees working at OPL facilities at Outpost and Core stations – but not, also surprisingly, Great Pillars – despite the fact that every single product made by OPL, save 3 (the Duelist, Burn Mk.II and Centerfuge Mk.V), are made at all 3 Oct stations. Also announced was the near-future closing of the automated Duelist CP in Omni IV. The Duelist’s only remaining production facility will then be at GP – but the only production facilities for the Burn Mk.II and Centerfuge Mk.V are Outpost and Core, respectively – so why the layoffs at OP and Oct Core, and not GP? Curious.

The entirety of the announcement can be read at UUNN.

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