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News Roundup: Week of 117.12.9

Good to see you! It’s Nuncio here, with a roundup of pilot happenings for the week.

FluxGuts is certainly making a statement this week. RazorsKiss has reportedly destroyed 6 swarms singlehandedly in the past few days, jumped up to #15 in the flux kills rankings, while also picking up his Unity Stripe III. His squadmate, Rail69, has likewise moved up the rankings, to #95. When asked about this rather flashy feat, RazorsKiss had this to say:

We’re in the business of killing flux. We might take a break every so often to pursue other interests – but make no mistake – we’re here to destroy Conflux, and that takes precedence. I simply got sick and tired of watching hordes of Conflux stomp all over our sectors with impunity – so I did something about it. If doing something about the Conflux that are constantly making our lives miserable – preferably a violent something, which gives them pause – appeals to you; I’ll invite you to join with us in combating their incursions. Join the squad, and make a difference.

Brothers Pango and Paselja are getting down to some serious mining down in Quantar space, and are becoming fixtures of the community, along with Pilot Hogar.

Sinver is back! He has been in space several times this week.

hifly hasn’t been seen lately, to everyone’s detriment.

Lakota of Brotherhood made a short appearance earlier today.

Rivet of Synergy has been in space quite frequently this week.

NODRAGON, Orbiter, Drevent, Nel, Hammer-BS, _RAZAAR_, SandGod, Gander, and Nafcon have all made appearances as well.

Crusher00 of squad -=DF=- has been in space at various times this week. When asked if his squad had any connection to Hyperial, he stated that there was no such connection – unless someone paid him to make one. The grapevine says he intends to become a mercenary, and that his squad name has something to do with that.

There’s also an Imperial War Helmet on display planetside – not that any of us can go see it. Besides, it has a creepy glowing head inside. That can’t be kosher.

Nobody’s made a Plog since 117.11.12. Of course, only one pilot made any log entries between 117.10.12 and 117.11.12 – and there were only 9 other entries by anyone else all this year. You could make a log, you know! It doesn’t have to be fancy.

There have been no FMs, no infestations (aside from the gates to flux space) and no sentient incursions reported recently.

That’s our roundup! As always, fly safely – or at least make sure the other guy doesn’t!

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