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Introduction: Nuncio

Hi there! My name is Aurelius “Nuncio” Verselus. Well, I suppose only the first and last part is my name, but the handle in the middle is what you’ll know me by in space. I’m the new reporter for Last Parsec! You might recognize the last name – but don’t get too excited. I’m the third son of the second son in the Verselus line. I’m nobody important, believe you me! My parents weren’t too happy about my choice of occupation – but once you’re genetically modified, there isn’t much they can do about it now! They didn’t consider it an appropriate occupation for a son of a noble house – but this is what I’ve always wanted to do. RK graciously paid my way through flight training specifically for that purpose – and I’m here to write. You might see me around space – I’m a qualified TRI pilot now – but my primary mission is to report on pilot news. (You can find Nuncio’s pilot page here.)

RazorsKiss will be leaving the day-to-day reporting to me from here on in. He has his war against the Conflux, and management of a squad to occupy his time, after all. He might chime in with an occasional op-ed, but it will primarily be me you hear from on subspace bursts – as well as on this hyperweb site. There are a few things to report – can’t let an opportunity like this go to waste!

First, we now have a “Submit News” function to your right. Submit whatever you like – there are plenty of options! You can submit your pilot handle to be credited, or leave it blank to by anonymous – either way is fine. Feel free to leave your hypermail address if you’re open to being contacted for more details! It won’t be handed over to advertisers, or anything like that. We take the confidentiality of sources seriously. Please select a category for your news – we’ve also included an “Other” category if nothing you see fits. Send us in some details about your story, and we’ll get to it as soon as we’re able! We can’t guarantee that we’ll publish it immediately, but some sort of announcement of it will be made in short order, at least via subspace burst.

Second, we’re looking for more reporters! I’m the only “full time” employee, but we’re willing to pay for stories! If it’s suitable for publishing – whether it’s an op-ed or a news submission, we’ll pay you 100,000 credits! We’re primarily looking for reporters on pilot happenings during the hours of 0600 UTC-2000 UTC, where our coverage is a little thinner, but we’re more than willing to accept stories on happenings during any time period. In addition, we’d like to encourage you to send us notifications of any awards, medals, feats of derring-do, or reports on pirate activity, military actions, conflux infestations or sentient incursions – anything you’d like! We also monitor TRI-Pilot Logs. You can submit your information via subspace burst to @LastParsec on Twitter, or LastParsec on Facebook – our TRI-Hypermail address is easy, too! You can contact me at news @ lastparsec dot net.

Hope to hear from you soon – and looking forward to meeting you in space!

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