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Op-ED: Why Hyperial?

(Quantar Core) Within the space of a week, sector The Main Gate has been the scene of major infestations – twice. On 117.11.3, pilot hifly had to use 50 nukes to destroy an infestation blocking access to that sector. On 117.11.9, every single gate providing access to The Main Gate was infested by a particular sentient, who showed up to defend them, spawning hordes of drones in Lesser Locks as reinforcements.  With no comment on the situation from Dr. Q’Son or Dr. ShaiDen on the situation, we are all left wondering – why Hyperial? Recent news (including LP) has focused on the baffling Antiflux narrative coming out of UUNN, the quasi-official mouthpiece for TRI and the factional governments – but another topic has been the pattern of infestations over the last month. Are the two connected?

For that question, and our initial one, it would seem that our best point of contact might be Dr. Ni’bur – whose paper on the Battle for Dark Crossroads we definitely read with interest. We recently saw a concerted push from Conflux forces to cut off GBS, and then Hyperial. For a very long time, their aim with infestations has seemed to be cutting factions off from each other – or isolating specific stations – as The Battles of GBS and Amananth can attest, from history. The medal, “Defender of the Barrier,” results from such actions, historically. So, we’re left asking – and Dr. Ni’bur seems to be someone to ask – why Hyperial? UUNN’s initial report on the Antiflux affair states that “Hyperial authorities reported that the small supply of rare Antiflux ECMs they had provided at Hyperial Station” – so, clearly, Hyperial claims to have provided those Antiflux units. Is this the reason for the Conflux blockade? Or is it merely, as New Dawn used to say, that “they go where the pilots are”? A sizable chunk of the active pilot ranks have been in Hyperial space regularly, of late – and the reappearance of infestations seem to have been focused, as a general rule. This latest push to cut off Hyperial should be worrying to Hyperial – who was recently in the news over the (forced) shutdown of its alleged jump-ship test program, and genetic modification lab. The only defenders of Hyperial are pilots without allegiance to Hyperial.

I will quote a section of Dr. Ni’bur’s paper, for emphasis;

As a Citizen of Hyperial I am absolutely frightened.  We Hyperials cannot actively do anything.   Because of absurd now-dated agreements with TRI – a TRI that no longer exists as the same entity – we are prohibited from becoming jump pilots and prohibited from manufacturing jump-ships.  So here I, and we, sit.



I, for one, would welcome Dr. Ni’bur’s input on these questions. His assessment of the Battle for Dark Crossroads was cogent, and well-argued – and remains un-engaged to-date. So – why Hyperial, and is it connected to Hyperial’s release of Antiflux? My war is, as always, with the Conflux. That war is personal, despite any professional experience I might have acquired in that service. As a gesture of goodwill, I will undertake one week of service to Hyperial exclusively, keeping its space clear of Conflux, and patrolling their trade lanes (barring any major Conflux incursions elsewhere that require my immediate assistance). If the government of Hyperial has reasonable orders, or Dr. Ni’bur would like any tests performed, I would, of course, be happy to comply. My squadmate Rail69 is already there currently, increasing his political rating with Hyperial. We believe that cooperation is, and has always been, the best way to successfully combat the Conflux menace. LastParsec has agreed to forward any messages for me – or I can be contacted directly by any standard subspace means.

-Razorat “RazorsKiss” Kathonal, First Praetorian of Octavius; Commander, FluxGuts (Whimsical Name – Serious Service)

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