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Conflux Sentient Infests Main Gate, Lesser Locks

(SOLRAIN CORE) Pilots scrambled to re-open access to Hyperial space this evening. Infestations appeared on every single gate leading from The Main Gate, trapping pilots in Hyperial’s sectors. Every suitably ranked pilot scrambled immediately to restore access to Hyperial space. Pilot hifly3 destroyed 3 of those infestations, with another pilot accounting for one more. Upon the destruction of the final infestation, and two pilots jumping into that sector to investigate, a Sentient appeared in Lesser Locks. First spawning a veritable horde of low-ranking drones, the Sentient then spawned Mantas, which attacked the two pilots – only then attacking them both. Both pilots were heavily damaged in the exchange, and retreated to Narrow Canal. The Sentient quickly re-infested the gate to MG. After regrouping, repairing, and rearming at Solrain Core, the two pilots returned to once again destroy the infestation. Upon the eventual destruction of that infest, the pilots were separated, and the Sentient reappeared, quickly attacking pilot hifly. The second pilot came to hifly’s aid, and succeeded in destroying the Sentient – although he raises certain questions about the circumstances of that kill here, in his after-action report. Also of note in that report is the heaviness of Conflux spawn before and after the events recounted above.

The Hyperial/Solrain border was certainly busy this evening!  All honor to hifly3 for their inspired work tonight! Additional recognition should also go to pilots Sinver, ORBITER, and Rail69 – the first two for additional nukes at the inception, and the latter for his patrols and updates while trapped alone in Hyperial.

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