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Pilot’s Choice Awards – Make your Voice Heard!

It’s Pilot’s Choice Awards time again – and there’s an additional bonus this time; Instead of the former ten, it only requires seven votes to succeed in a nomination.

There’s also a catch, however – if we don’t get any nominees this year, the awards are going away! So, vote here – every vote counts!

Categories are as follows;Pilot's Choice Awards



Conflux Hunting

Economy Support



We’re not going to share who we voted for – but we think it’s fairly obvious who should get the economy support nod. Don’t you agree? At very least, we think we should all agree on that. Who’s been making all our nukes lately? Answer that question, and we think you have your nominee! We’re not going to make any other suggestions – but whatever you do, vote!

(OOC note – any pilot may vote for any pilot – but ONLY one of your accounts gets a vote, it says on the survey page – so just use one, so your vote doesn’t get tossed out!)

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