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UUNN Persists With Baffling Antiflux Narrative

(SOLRAIN CORE) With yet another story about an indiscernible danger from a dearth of Antiflux ECM units, UUNN’s reporting seems to have taken on a rather jaundiced hue. All jokes about what, exactly, is unaffiliated OR unregulated about it aside, pilots are simply left scratching their heads over the fantasy elements in their recent reporting.

The facts:

  • 72 hours ago, to the best of our knowledge, there was a grand total of 27 for sale, anywhere. ALL of them were privately held.
  • On 117.11.1, Hyperial made 25 units available on its open market. They were shortly thereafter bought up by pilot Sinver, a Solrain Optimus.
  • Not long after, KTRI began broadcasting messages asking for pilot Sinver’s whereabouts, by name, according to that pilot’s account to LP. Pilot accounts are conflicting in the matter of the notorious Saffire’s involvement in the search. By that evening, KTRI’s message was “Antiflux Prices Rise On Hoarding Rumors”, and was still broadcasting as of 2030 Ekoo’s on 11.2.
  • In the morning of 11.2, UUNN publishes about the affair, prompting responses from LP.
  • Optimus Sinver learns he is wanted for questioning.
  • Optimus Sinver’s launch codes are suspended for one hour’s time.
  • Pilot RazorsKiss contacts Optimus Sinver to find out what the brouhaha was about the previous day, as he is familiar with Sinver’s usual duty cycle. Pilot Sinver had no contact from any official entity; factional or corporate. Faced with a credible threat to his piloting career as well as far more sinister threats of interrogation, as a result, he returned the ECM units to Hyperial’s station.
  • “Exasperated” by the obvious (and ham-handed) attempt to inflate prices by “creating a crisis”, RazorsKiss again buys up the entire stock of Antiflux at Hyperial – at well over 700k credits apiece – and delivers them to a POS in Ring View known to have a set price for Antiflux of 400k.
  • LP publishes a scathing press release concerning “hoarding” and “hysteria”.
  • UUNN publishes an AM article on 117.11.3, claiming pilots are involved in a “squabble” over Antiflux, and quote an STCC official saying the exact opposite of what TRI-SEC was saying just yesterday (and what KTRI has been repeating) – emphasizing that the issue isn’t hoarding!.
  • The Antiflux that were placed in the Ring View POS for safekeeping were moved to Solrain Core – with an additional unit, from somewhere – to bring the total at Core to 45.
  • As of this article’s publication, TRI station stocks show 54 – which marks the first two net purchases of Antiflux in weeks, and bringing the total purchases of Antiflux ECMs in the past 5 weeks to a grand total of 3. (GBS, to nobody’s surprise, now shows as having 3 – up from their stock of 1 last night. That accounts for two of the 45 at SC. Other station stocks remain unchanged)

Clearly, there is significant disagreement between the STCC and TRI-SEC – but why does UUNN continue to insist that there is some sort of “panic” among the pilots – or squabbling – or anything else of the sort? The fact remains that there are now well more than double the Antiflux stock in circulation that there was a mere 72 hours previously. 2 have been purchased, and both of those since 1200 Ekoo’s. Someone did, indeed, make a significant profit by taking those Antiflux from a POS and placing them at Solrain Core. The question is, who? If it’s a pilot, more power to them. If it’s someone else – someone official – it’s more than a little amusing, frankly. As hifly commented last night – “All this over 26 units?” Indeed.

What should trouble us, however, is the blatant use of coercion after a pilot engaged in free trade. As a pilot commented last night over public comms, someone in authority “clearly has it out for Sinver.”  If governmental parties unknown can be this heavy-handed with a Solrain Optimus, who will they be that heavy-handed towards next? If UUNN is this willing to engage in manipulative journalism on something so obviously fabricated – what more opaque matters are they reporting with a slant – and why? Why are the reports from UUNN (toeing the party line, it seems) emphasizing the rarity of Antiflux ECMs – when the true story seems to be that Antiflux are suddenly less rare – and that governmental agencies are willing to use coercive force against pilots who don’t follow their narrative? Why have prices skyrocketed when supply is up, and demand is unchanged?

UUNN and reality are on somewhat nebulous speaking terms, it must be said – but we at LP are dedicated to bringing you what really matters to pilots. We aren’t fooled by this false narrative. I don’t know where these government stiffs learned about economics, but where this ex-billionaire comes from, increased supply and unchanged demand don’t make things more expensive. Calling out a pilot by name on KTRI, asking for his whereabouts, and telling him he’s wanted – then suspending his launch codes when he doesn’t comply – aren’t things calculated to make you any friends in our space lanes, either.

Oh, what the heck. I can’t resist. UUNN might be unaffiliated with pilots, and unregulated by reality – but even if we aren’t your first stop for news, we’ll make sure we’re your Last! We’ll give it to you straight, because we’re written by pilots, for pilots. Don’t let The Man get you down!

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