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PRESS RELEASE: RazorsKiss confirms; Antiflux hoarding rumors are FALSE.





After seeing the KTRI messages about “Antiflux hoarding” last evening, I did a little checking. There has been a material increase of 36 Antiflux ECM units recently, that I can see. Comparatively, there were approximately 25 extant prior to last week – all of which were in POS. 19 of those were in Ring View, and have a set price of 400,000 credits.

While I’m sure TRI-SEC has many demands on its time, I’m even more certain that antiflux are no rarer than they were last week. In fact, they are far less rare. On the other hand, the public stocks of antiflux have been completely unchanged for the last month. I’ve looked. It’s the first item in an alphabetical list on the commod trading boards, for crying out loud. Instead of bemoaning supposed “hoarding”, I spoke to the pilot in question personally – who, after all, simply bought items placed out for sale. He had, when I talked to him earlier, replaced those items on the sales floor at Hyperial.

After receiving the information that his launch codes were revoked earlier today for an hour’s duration, and his stated fears about being “wanted for questioning”, I decided that a very simple solution to the inflated prices was in order. A somewhat expensive solution, perhaps – to me – but simple, nonetheless. I bought the entire stock from the floor of Hyperial station, and moved them all to the same POS that has sold them for a steady 400,000 credits. I paid over 715k apiece for them – since the hysterical messages about hoarding, and the artificially inflated prices went into effect. I lost 13,000,000 credits on the move.

But you know what? Nobody can accuse me of profiteering, can they? Nobody can accuse me of hoarding, can they? Nobody can accuse me of being uncaring of the safety of pilots when there’s a danger from Conflux. I, at my own expense, moved the entire stock of antiflux supposedly being “hoarded”, to a public POS selling them for at least 30% less than any TRI station does. Further, there are *also* 11 additional antiflux that have appeared at other TRI stations within the last 48 hours.

So, you know what? You’re welcome. Now let’s shut up, already, and let the man kill Flux. He’s killed more than any other pilot, save a handful, since the Catastrophe. Don’t we have any respect anymore? How about respect for an Optimus? If TRI’s mouthpieces don’t anymore, I still do. Leave Sinver alone.

In Honor;

RazorsKiss of Octavius

Editor’s Note: RazorsKiss has since corrected a detail in the above press release. The antiflux at Hyperial cost nearly 18 million credits, not 13 million.

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