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Siege in Unreg?

(GBS Station) 4 infestations have appeared in a relatively small area of unreg space in the last couple days – the latest two both terminating in The Light Crossroads – one to Far Point, the other to Connexion. The infestations yesterday served to nearly cut off GBS from navigation. Inner Gyre to Saron’s Shoulder, and Outskirts to Four Fingers left only a narrow route to GBS, from ZR. The destruction of the Saron’s Shoulder-Pulsar gate leaves only two routes into GBS through unreg – which is perhaps the most strategic station (aside from Amananth station itself) for combating Conflux incursions. Nuke stocks at LL and Amananth are critically low – and continued infestations are slowly eroding available stocks.

This would be a good time for Amananth to decide to construct a Conflux Biomass CP – don’t you think? It would be an answer to all our prayers, I think! In the meantime, how does a biomass wrangling event sound? Sound off if you’d like to participate!

While we’re on the subject of prayers – Exorzismus is coming! Don’t mistake the hungry, strong silent type of Octavian for a pushover on the 31st! A hungry Octavian is a cranky Octavian. Don’t tempt him into breaking his fast (on Baby Bits, no doubt!) by making incursions into Oct space. You wouldn’t want that on your conscience – would you? Think of the children, dear readers.

In pilot interest news, the grapevine says that an intimidation attempt on a tow pilot outside of Octavius Outpost went spectacularly wrong this morning. A mercenary pilot apparently intended to send a message about the “proper” behavior of Octavians in response to beacon tuning – but his message brought the tow pilot’s shields a bit lower than he’d intended. Instead of delivering his message – he had some Morning Stars deliver his ‘Nix’s pod back to OP – CoD. Not exactly how I was expecting that story to end!

Keep your shields up, your eyes peeled, and your engines tuned, people. There’s always something unexpected through the next gate!

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