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    LP's DataCenter is collating information from the old HyperWeb, and the newer Subspace net, centralizing it for your convenience.

Good ta see ya! News Roundup.

Pilot News for Today:

Saw Drevent, hifly, Sinver, vorlon31, ORBITER, Ambrosius, and RIDIC at some point during the day. All of Amananth was red at one point, and nearly all of Quant space was green. Many flux died, many missions were run, and much credits were earned. Sinver nuked the last remaining infest, in Oct space this morning – and is closing in on 15,000 kills! vorlon31 got his Unity Stripe I today – which sounds as weird to me as it surely does to you. Drevent is still filthy rich. McPlowed, eat your heart out.

Dr. Dannewar finally had something to say about the Solrain Distress Signal.

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