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Powerplant Puzzle, Bamboozling Beer Business

(GBS) Station Logistics confirms that all size 4 powerplants are missing from the station, as of 16:15 Ekoos. Also missing is every bit of alcoholic product on the station. The Spacebar Pub proprietor Torn Danton was unavailable for comment.

Addendum: T. Danton commented: “Lol. Some people don’t understand ‘flagged.'”

Apparently, Mr. Danton believes our brave pilots are unfamiliar with the bounty system. This reporter believes his explanation – that “Saffire” (whose registry is apparently unavailable for perusal due to certain… contacts with governmental agencies) is merely bountied as a result of actions versus Civilian registry pilots – is threadbare, at best. We here at LP have had independent confirmation of “Saffire’s” piratical actions in the past. His explanation may, indeed, be plausible. It does not, however, explain reports of prior activities, nor the absence of an authorized TRI registry page. These facts combine to shed significant doubt on Mr. Danton’s claims.

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