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    LP's DataCenter is collating information from the old HyperWeb, and the newer Subspace net, centralizing it for your convenience.

Emperor Atticus Septus Dead

Atticus Aquilus releases speech, claims Septus responsible for deaths on Trivera, disavows title of Emperor, announces intention that Martius to become Republic – claims “no weakness on Martius”. Atticus Septus Dead at Age 91

BREAKING: Explosion Rocks Amananth Station

Minutes ago, explosive charges were detonated on Amananth station, reportedly destroying New Dawn’s Conflux War Command Center, managed by RazorsKiss for FluxGuts. We were informed by RazorsKiss that members of BASIC, the AI squad based in Amananth space, had been attempting to hack into that system for several weeks. Aelagi ... Read More

Pilot Palavers: Sinver

LP: Tell me a little about yourself.  S: I originally started as a Quant, but after getting to opti I switched to Sol. I flew with some amazing squads but the memorable ones were _KFC_ , DETSAW, Solrain Defence Fleet, and of course, the legend of Vorlon31 in Flux Clearance. ... Read More

Pilots Take Advantage of Antiflux Activation

The previous weekend was a busy one, as pilots (even some with recent antipathies!) worked together to ramp up Antiflux production. Forewarned by the commodities requested for the mysterious FM recently requested by Amananth, a great deal of materiale was transferred, utilizing stockpiles of mined commodities which have recently gone ... Read More

Bad Fences Make Bad Neighbors

(KLATCHES HOLD) by RazorsKiss Let’s present a tactical situation. A known pirate has been talking about collecting your bounty. He himself has an actual 5 million credit bounty, as confirmed by another pilot previously. This pilot is known to be operating at the chokepoint to Hyp space – an area ... Read More

Good to see ya! 118.5.3

Seen in space recently; SoraNezumi, Axiomoon, Rebel_526, Avicenna, @Broker01, Kanthakeh, Sinver, RazorsKiss, BigDaddy, Aristotle, Lucid, J_Prime, Harvey, Draconout, dazed, Petra, Tobiko, netuser968, Skippy, Andrasch, Goliath, Nessos, qwert, UtanSkam, Cono, ManicMiner, Drevent, GhostHawk, Inseguitor, Neva, Nimdas, DETSAW, Johnson, Koopmans, geeZee, Columbo, Mercator, Akkit, Huzzah, Mal, Brutio, Kanthakeh, Fulcrum, Nara, BLACKDOGG, Ambrosius

Pilot Palavers: Huzzah

Joining us this time is Huzzah, from squad PIRATE – I know, right? I couldn’t resist this one. Hello there! Thanks for agreeing to the interview! Can you tell me a bit about yourself? I know that pirates can get a bad rap, but I would like to hear your ... Read More

News Roundup: 118.4.20

Hello again, Pilots! Our leading story is the destruction of an unmanned TRI vessel, TRI-TRAN-1, in Outskirts. Pilot RazorsKiss, of all people, splashed the tow in “reprisal” for an alleged hit taken out on him, he claims, by Carlo Adiar. Master Marksman James “Flint” McGraw, an unsquadded Octavian Pirate from ... Read More