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Bad Fences Make Bad Neighbors

(KLATCHES HOLD) by RazorsKiss Let’s present a tactical situation. A known pirate has been talking about collecting your bounty. He himself has an actual 5 million credit bounty, as confirmed by another pilot previously. This pilot is known to be operating at the chokepoint to Hyp space – an area ... Read More

Good to see ya! 118.5.3

Seen in space recently; SoraNezumi, Axiomoon, Rebel_526, Avicenna, @Broker01, Kanthakeh, Sinver, RazorsKiss, BigDaddy, Aristotle, Lucid, J_Prime, Harvey, Draconout, dazed, Petra, Tobiko, netuser968, Skippy, Andrasch, Goliath, Nessos, qwert, UtanSkam, Cono, ManicMiner, Drevent, GhostHawk, Inseguitor, Neva, Nimdas, DETSAW, Johnson, Koopmans, geeZee, Columbo, Mercator, Akkit, Huzzah, Mal, Brutio, Kanthakeh, Fulcrum, Nara, BLACKDOGG, Ambrosius

Pilot Palavers: Huzzah

Joining us this time is Huzzah, from squad PIRATE – I know, right? I couldn’t resist this one. Hello there! Thanks for agreeing to the interview! Can you tell me a bit about yourself? I know that pirates can get a bad rap, but I would like to hear your ... Read More

News Roundup: 118.4.20

Hello again, Pilots! Our leading story is the destruction of an unmanned TRI vessel, TRI-TRAN-1, in Outskirts. Pilot RazorsKiss, of all people, splashed the tow in “reprisal” for an alleged hit taken out on him, he claims, by Carlo Adiar. Master Marksman James “Flint” McGraw, an unsquadded Octavian Pirate from ... Read More

Pilot Palavers: Nessos

Joining us this time is Nessos, from the Brotherhood of the Stone! LP: Welcome, Nessos!  N: Shalim Nuncio. LP: To start off with, tell me a little about yourself. N: I was born on Kapenja, near the city of Fakar. TRI initiated a massive recruiting drive during 101, that was the point ... Read More

Pilot Palavers: Tiberius

Greetings, pilots all! It is I, Nuncio! We’re proud to introduce “Pilot Palavers”, a new segment here at LP! Joining us for this inaugural edition  is Tiberius, a (currently) Quantar pilot who is shooting for the coveted Triple Optimus title. He took some time out of his day to shoot ... Read More

Good ta see ya! – 118.3.11

Seen in space this week; Varizen, Hammer-BS, Ronjata, Rail69, Avicenna, sarah-mari, tamanegi, Tiberius, Oberothton, Nuncio, Nessos,  Kanthakeh, Cor-Marque (of SOL NAVY), Aristotle, J_Prime, @Broker01, Yozho, Nara, MLDeath, Abdul, You,  Paselja, DETSAW, LoganVR, Sinver, MadCat, Maggie, Jess, Harvey, Tarkra, Ambrosius,  RazorsKiss, Stampy, Andusty, Aelagi, MacEmerald, Crusher00, Cono, _RAZAAR_, Fleon,  FS_Paith, Ovrum, Koopmans

News Roundup: 118.3.7

Howdy pilots! It’s been somewhat slow of late, but we aren’t lacking for news! Tiberius continues his run for Triple Optimus, but the slowdown has set in. He’s currently at Ambador. The mercenary pilot Crusher00 got on NODRAGON’s bad side, flipping beacons red in Sol space. The outspoken Solrain pilot ... Read More

Prope Est?

Space was astir this evening with sightings of the “rogue” Enforcer with the transponder code 303031. It quoted one line of a supposed “prophecy”, which Octavian Rookie pilot Zar-Kwon, in the midst of advertising to buy PC-UC10s (of all things!), decided to share in it’s entirety. F5 traffic from earlier ... Read More